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Poll September 1, 2010

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Hey everyone! Maddi here.

I am having a blast doing Picasa, but I have a new worry. Am I abandoning this site? Should I add more features? Am I losing fans? Is AGDC as fun as it used to be? It’s up to you to decide!


7 Responses to “Poll”

  1. hannie96 Says:

    Your site is still amazingly fun and awesome, and it’s great that you are doing picasa. I do miss your posts on here, though!!! But I understand how hard it is to do both.

  2. sarah Says:

    ur site is still fun,but i kinda wish u could do the photo storys on here 2 cuz some ppl dont have a picasa(i didnt 4 a while)so i think u should add the photo stories on here 2.g2g bye.

  3. Amanda S. Says:

    Hey, Maddie. I voted for the last one on the poll. I hope I didn’t sound too mean! I still LOVE your site, though, even if it’s a little bare now. It’s by far THE BEST AG doll blog site I’ve ever read!

  4. Amanda S. Says:

    Hey, actually, I’m changing my vote to the middle one!

  5. Amanda S. Says:

    Hey, Maddie! My friends and I sold some candy today! We made a whole 9 dollars! I didn’t split it up evenly, though. So I got nothing and my 4 friends got all the money. But, my mom made us all give it back and we split it up evenly. So, I got 2.25, and add that onto my 5 dollars I already had, now I have 7.25 saved up for a new AG doll! Yay!

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