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I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now- AG wants to retire Felicity Merriman, one of the best loved dolls in the AG collection. It may not be shocking to some of you- you saw it coming. Others, however, were taking by surprise of this news and thought it might be Molly who was going to be retired. You may think, “Oh, they took Sam and Kirsten. We can’t stop them.” But can we? Check this out:

” In the year 2002, Felicity and her outfits, accessories, and furniture were removed from the mailed catalogs and relegated to online ordering only. Felicity had been effectively discounted as a full member of the American Girl collection. This decision on the part of Pleasant Company had saddened many in the American Girl collecting community, especially those who had collected Felicity or were considering collecting her. However, in 2004, because of incredible negative feedback from fans of Felicity, and because sales of Felicity items at the new AG Place New York were very good, Pleasant Company decided not to retire her!In fact, in August 2004, three of Felicity’s previously retired items were reintroduced. Her School Outfit, Colonial Undergarmets and Shoes, Stocking, and Grater set became available again. In September 2005, the company introduced Elizabeth Cole and a new TV movie of Felicity!”
– Complete Guide to American Girl Collecting Website by Curt Danhauser

So….maybe….is it possibly possible that we can do that again?
One of the reasons it is so sad is because Felicity’s time period is one of the most important to American history. Every historical doll collection, in my perspective, needs a colonial girl. Rumor has it that AG wants to replace her with a Wild West girl. Many fans think that is strange because Nicki was already kind of like that in a way. I think that Felicity can’t be replaced in a way that fans will like a new doll better. What do you think?



  1. Lena Says:

    I. Started. That. Rumor!

    It is not true. I have no idea what and if they will replace Lissie. The reason I said Wild West was because Nicki was a good seller, and little girls want ponies.

    Lissie was never archived. She was available the entire time, her collection was just parred down. And no, I don’t think we really can stop this.

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      But didn’t we get a post on Doll Diaries about an illustrator saying she was creating Wild-West pics for American Girl?

      I know she was never archived, but if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t she GOING to be? Or at least not considered a full AG doll? Maybe we can’t stop it, but we’ll never know until we try.

      • Lena Says:

        The illustrator said she was working on something big for AG. Since she’s a know illustrator, I think we can trust her. It was a mom saying her son was posing as an “outlaw” for pictures, and her story can’t be confirmed at this time. So no, the illustrator didn’t say anything really.

        We can’t know what AG’s plans were.

        We make a very small percent of AG’s customers. Us boycotting stores won’t hurt them. And don’t get me started on why e-petitions on’t work.

        Sorry if I come off as a little rude here, I’m mad about something (personal) and I tend to take my frustrations out on people around me, so sorry again, its not your fault.

      • Madeline@AGDC Says:

        That’s ok, Lena. I am still going to do all I can, but I won’t get my hopes up or anything.

        Oh and it’s ok about the frustration, I understand and hope you feel better.

    • Ryan Says:


      • Madeline@AGDC Says:

        I’m sorry that you feel upset! Archived just means put into storage. It is unknown whether or not the archived AG dolls will one day be taken out again. “Retired” is just a word people use for archiving.
        Thanks for stopping by!

  2. sarah Says:

    i hope we can stop this!!!

  3. Amanda S. Says:

    I agree with you, Maddie! 100%! I love Felicity, and was thinking about getting her! But, apparently, now I can’t, since I don’t even have half the money I need. I don’t even have 1 fourth the money! Man, I’ll miss Felicity!

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Maybe we should write letters to American Girl politely saying we don’t agree with what they’re doing and the reasons why. Maybe that won’t make a difference. Maybe it will.

      • Amanda S. Says:

        lol I already did this morning. It might’ve been a little more straightforward than most letters to them, but at least I think I got the point across!

  4. Amanda S. Says:

    Hey, Maddie! I have an issue, lol. I’m saving up for a MyAG doll, and after that, I’m planning on buying a historical character. It’s between Josefina and Kit. Whoever gets the most votes is the one I’ll get. I love them both! Will you vote for one and help me decide?

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Ok, here’s the deal Amanda- Josie;s beautiful, but it won’t be long before it turns into a tangly mess, no matter how hard you try and take care of it. So I vote Kit.:) I give Josie a 7 out of 10, though because of hair. But she gets a 100 A+ for cuteness!

      • Amanda S. Says:

        Oh, so that’s why you always have her hair in braids! Okay, thanks! And I have another problem, lol. For my comments, whenever I make a new one, the name and email thing always end up blank! What do I do to stop that?

      • Madeline@AGDC Says:

        I’m not sure- sorry! 😦

      • Chelsey Says:

        I have to disagree with you, Madeline… I’ve had my Josefina since the year she came out, and her hair is still in fantastic condition, even after I played with it lots. I love my Kit, but there’s only so much you can do with her hair when it’s too short for even a real ponytail, and that gets a little boring. Just thought I’d through my two cents in 🙂

    • Chelsey Says:

      oops… “throw”, not “through”. 🙂

  5. Amanda S. Says:

    Oh, also, have a nice day! And I’ll miss Felicity.

  6. Alisha Says:

    I’m not sure if we could stop it at all–you have to remember that they’re owned by Mattel now, American Girl is just a sub-company. Even though I’m surprised at who they chose to retire (because of the Original Three pattern that seemed to be occuring, I too thought it would be Molly), I’m really not surprised that they’re retiring another character so soon. Not to say all big businesses are like this, but most of them care only about money, and not sentimental value. It’s kind of like the Ty Beanie Baby company, they’d take what sold the less (or sometimes even what sold the most) and instantly cease production of it, therefore instantly creating a mad scramble to grab every last Beanie that they just retired, and therefore creating a massive cash flow for the company. I have to say, though, it’s pretty ironic that as big of a money-maker that AG is, they still feel the need to retire characters to make room for new ones because, unlike Beanie Babies, there still aren’t enough dolls to really warrant that if you’re not counting the 40+ My American Girl models. You really have to wonder sometimes just what, if any, ulterior motive there may be behind this.

    Again, I’m not saying anything bad about American Girl, I still love them to death really. It’s just that I’m saying that getting as large of a sub-company as American Girl (and its even bigger parent company Mattel) to reconsider retiring Felicity is probably going to be an uphill battle that would require many more people than just us to act. As I said, it’s a case of sentimentality versus money, and unfortunately money almost always wins. I do hope we can make some kind of an impact though, and it’s possible that we may. After all, Felicity fans did save her once, and I believe that was after Mattel had bought American Girl too!

    BTW I love your site and as an aspiring doll collector I hope to make it by here more often. 🙂

    • Kathryn Says:

      Love that comment! And believe it or not, you are right! They first retired Felicity in 2004, almost 3 years after Mattel (The greedy mon

  7. Hannah Says:

    i do not understand why they are retiring all these GOOD dolls i mean i really do not understand why they don`t retire kaya i mean kaya is a pretty doll and ALL that hair whould be SO much fun to do… but her clouths?… they are so… ugly i mean REALLY who is going to want to dress their dolls in that?

    • Alisha Says:

      I get what ya mean! Kaya’s definitely a beautiful doll but while I can’t agree that they’re ugly clothes, I’d say it’s a rather limited wardrobe compared to the other historical characters. Of course, nobody said that we can’t swap up clothes from different lines on them, which is something I do all the time 😉 I’ll dress my dolls in most anything if it fits their body and looks good on them (I know that sometimes when it comes to different doll companies, size can be an issue).

      But even with that, whenever a doll is retired it means their clothes and accessories are retired too. Which means eventually Felicity’s gorgeous red gown won’t be available anymore, and I really want that 😦 gosh, can’t wait till I can get a sewing machine and make some clothes I really like for dolls.

  8. Emily L. Says:

    IKR, Hannah! They retire all of the pretties. Samantha always thought was just the best one who ever lived, Kristen was kinda cute with the braids, and now FELICITY? Ugh! My third grade teacher had her and my mom was going to give me her for a birthday present, maybe. 😡 And they’re times were important, too! Why get rid of all the important and pretty ones first? D:

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Good question.

      AG wants to make money. So they take popular dolls and make an announcement to retire them, then there is a mad rush to get the dolls, and AG makes a bunch of money. Then they make a new doll, and suddenly everyone wants this doll too. Mattel doesn’t always care how pretty or how important to history the dolls are, they just care how about how much money they’ll make off them. 😦

  9. Emily L. Says:

    Mattel can be an awful company sometimes. If I wanted to make dolls like that, I wouldn’t care about money, I would care about TEACHING girls, like the Pleasant Company always tried to do. 😦

  10. Emily L. Says:

    Yup. Oh, and this reminds me of Samantha’s and Kristen’s petions. I guess we can’t stop that darn Mattel. 😦

  11. jeanbird Says:

    Friends, if there is anything to be signed in protest, even if it turns out to be a feeble attempt, it’s worth trying. Count me in if there is anything to be signed! Does anyone know if the books will be continued? Is there a way of convincing AG to continue the books? (I’m new here, forgive me if I sound like a panicky idiot).

    • Alisha Says:

      Samantha and Kirsten’s books are still available even though the doll sets are retired, and they have paper dolls available of them still as well. So, my guess will be that it’s the same for Felicity.

  12. Mira Says:


  13. jeanbird Says:

    Good suggestion, Mira! I don’t know if it will help or not, but I vow to never buy another Mattel Item or AG item until something Felicity-ish comes out/returns. Is that too extreme? I mean, I just wouldn’t feel too happy about purchasing things from the very company that put Felicity away. ‘Retiring’ her just sucked all the fun out of the dolls for me. I would hope that she could still be kept ‘alive’ in the books, but I have lost faith in Ag’s book-department. There is supposed to be a “Felicity: An American Girl Adventure” Deluxe Edition to come out this February, but I’m uncertain of what all ‘deluxe’ implies. Opinions, please!

  14. llb Says:

    I have been involved with American Girls since the 90’s, when it was pleasant company- now that was a company. When Mattel took over there were a lot of disappointments in quality. Now the retirement mess. I am so heartbroken. I never bought a thing except American Girl products for my 2 daughters for the past 24 years. Christmases, birthdays and Easter were always an American Girl product. We have all the dolls, toys and books. I left Felicity as my doll. I never got anything because I was giving to my children. Now Felicity is gone and I’m too late. I wanted to keep up the tradition with my granddaughters but, who knows what you can count on with this company any more. I am truly saddened by this trend.

  15. jeanbird Says:

    Hi girlfriends. I want you Felicity fans to know I have the 1998 American Girls Premiere 2nd Edition program for free download on my livejournal website. If you do not have this wonderful game–which is more of a do-it-yourself-play program than a game, then I hope to share it with you, because you all probaby do not live within walking distance of my house, ha ha. Here is the link:

    It might require you to download the free Pando file-opener-thingy, but it IS free. If any one wants some instructions to it, just contact me and I will help as much as I can!

  16. jeanbird Says:

    Blake Gripling, you are awesome!

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