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Read, Please! June 29, 2010

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Hi, Friends!

Unfortunately, I have been busy with moving and things this month and I haven’t got to do much on this site. DO NOT THINK I HAVE FORGOTTEN OR STOPPED DOING THIS WEBSITE! I know that moving to Picasa and that stuff may be hard for some people, but remember just because we have simply moved part of our website, doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned our friends and fans. It shouldn’t matter too much where my stuff actually is, because really, I do lots of things but they are just on different places across the web. Have you checked out my youtube in a while? If you have a facebook, have you joined our fan club? Just because something is not on this particular site, don’t feel like the AGDC world is going away.

I made this site almost a year ago and I had no idea I would have this many fans and friends  who read my stuff and wait for me to post. If you want to be directly emailed when I post something, you can subscribe below.FeeFee the Fairy IS NOW OPEN, will an all new website if you join. We hope you will figure out her clues and join her club!

I want to make this site fun for you AND me, and it won’t be a fun experience if I feel people get mad if I don’t post a lot or I think “I haven’t posted in forever!” every time I do something. So I promise that even if I haven’t in a while, it just may mean that I haven’t felt like it or I have been busy. But if you want to play or read this site, look through my old things that you haven’t read or print one of my printables. There’s still lots of fun things to do here, even if I don’t post every week.

July will have all sorts of things to do, though, including:
*A Doll’s First Beach Trip
*Fourth of July
*Camp Dixie
and more!!!!! So be on the lookout for new things this summer, even if it means searching through the old. 🙂

Madeline 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂