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AGDC and the great AGBB! June 24, 2010

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That’s right- a couple weekends ago, AGDC hit the American Girl Boutique and Bistro. Actually, only Madeline, her mother, and the first doll that Madeline got when she was only 7 years old, Molly. Plus some friends. AND a super-secret surprise that you will have the pleasure of finding out soon.

Some of you knew about the trip, but this is new information to others. Here are some sneak peaks of the 113 photos we took. So sorry they are small! You’ll see full-size ones on Picasa soon:

What is a “Picasa”?

A Picasa is an online photo gallery that lots of AG bloggers use. I have one, in which I will post my American Girl store pictures. I may start to make my photo stories on there, because it could be easier, and that way you can share what you think in each part of the story, or each picture. I will take a poll on whether or not I should start doing it on there. If you have never seen a Picasa, be sure to check out Quinlyn’s and Hannah’s, and other peoples. (Quinny&Co, IrishGirl) The links are on their websites.

If you start to do photo stories and photo shoots on Picasa, what will happen to AGDC???

There are plenty of other things I could do on here to keep this website a fun place besides photo stories. All the old photo stories on here will stay around, and I will make a small sneak-peek post whenever I make photo story, like now. I could also do things like Tween Girl’s Daybook, or Monthly Book Review, and things like that. Plus all new information about upcoming AG dolls and more will be posted here. Really, you may not know a difference.

What is that surprise you are talking about???

It’s a surprise! You’ll find out soon enough………….

Where is your picasa?

There is a link to get to it on the right. My AG place thing may not be up quite yet, but it will soon. Now here’s the poll:


19 Responses to “AGDC and the great AGBB!”

  1. hannie96 Says:

    Awesome! I think doing photostories on Picasa is a good idea. I love all the AGBB pics!

  2. Leanna Says:

    Ooh!Can’t wait intil your pics go up on Picasa!I’ll have mine up soon on picasa.Your lunch(or breakfeast,dinner?)looked good!
    It’s making me hungry.:D

  3. Anne Says:

    That’s so cool that you went the AG place! I can’t wait to look at all your pictures! I think it’s a great idea if you post the photo stories on Picasa!

  4. Amanda S. Says:

    I don’t think it’s a good Idea to go to Picasa for photostories, because, I don’t even know how to GET there, and I think it would tear your blog in half, since most posts are photostories.

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Thanks for your opinion! I’m just experimenting. And think of it this way…… I have a youtube, a facebook group, and now a picasa. It’s not tearing my blog in half, but EXPANDING it. 🙂 And I’ll still do a lot of things on here. Not everything will be on picasa- I may still post short stories and adventures of my dolls here, and remember, it’s not guarenteed forever, only a temporary experiment. I will think about what u said though, and I will consider my fan’s opinions. That’s what makes this blog a better place. 🙂

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Oh, and I have given you links to have u get there. It should be no problem.

      • Amanda S. Says:

        Madeline, I’m sorry I said it wasn’t a good idea for you to do photostories on Picasa. I just now checked it out (Your things on Picasa) and they were great! They didn’t take up a lot of room, either! So I’m changing my opinion to, ” I think it’s a great idea!” But just don’t 4get about this blog, because I get on it every day and there’s never anything new (there’s only been 2 entries this month). I’m not trying to be mean or anything, though. Oh, and one more thing: Did you buy Julie or was she litterally left in your new house? Oh, also, you moved?! Awesome! I hope you like your new house! Well, may God bless you and keep you safe,

      • Madeline@AGDC Says:

        Aww, thanks Amanda. I really bought Julie at the AG Place, the Rachel thing is made up. I really apologize about the amount of entries. 😦 One of those reasons is that since school got out I have been busy and we-you know- moved. But I promise that July will be better. I want to do a fourth of July party with my dolls, if possible. And we will go to the beach. And camp, which one of my dolls will be coming to. So July and early August has new things in store for everyone. And I will still post pictures and photo shoots on this actual site, so watch for new things this summer!

  5. sarah Says:

    when did u go?cuz pastor waz there 2 get me molly and kayas horse and u might have seen him.just wonderin.he said he waz about tha only man n there (lol) and just wonderin…bye 4 now!

  6. sarah Says:

    ummmmm…i think we have his pic on tha computer.lemme see…im gonna email u if i do.bye!!!

  7. sarah Says:

    i emailed u

  8. Amanda S. Says:

    That’s cool, Maddie, that you’ll be going to camp. My dolls are actually in ‘camp’ right now. The camp’s called Camp Happy Heart and it takes place in my toy room, which my dolls call, “the haunted woods”. Well, I hope you get used to your new house easily, and I love your Picasa posts. Like I said, they take up less room, since they go left to right, instead of up and down. Yeah, I’ve been busy, too. And my bff, Sam, and her JLY doll, Ann, (whom I bought for her) will (most likely) be coming over during the weekend for the holidays. If she does, my family and herself will go see fireworks, and we’ll bring our dolls w/ us! EEK!! I’m SOO excited!!! Well, may God bless you, and have a nice day!!

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Thank, you Amanda! I hope you, your friends, and your dolls have a nice day! God bless you!
      From, Madeline

  9. Madison Says:

    Well, you see, my computer “Hates” the Picasa. It will never load it. It loads everything else, though. Its weird. Bye!


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