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It's Christmas at AGDC!

Picasa June 24, 2010

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Just letting you know that the SURPRISE I have been telling you about is being made right at the moment, and by the time you are reading this it will be ready to view!!!! It is on Picasa and is a photo story.

UPDATE: The brand new, must-read about AGDC surprise is now up for your pleasure of view on my Picasa. Link on sidebar. Even if you don’t like Picasa and don’t want me to start doing my stuff on it, I would REALLY appreciate it if you took the time to look at this. It is very BIG information for AGDC. Thank you.


AGDC and the great AGBB!

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That’s right- a couple weekends ago, AGDC hit the American Girl Boutique and Bistro. Actually, only Madeline, her mother, and the first doll that Madeline got when she was only 7 years old, Molly. Plus some friends. AND a super-secret surprise that you will have the pleasure of finding out soon.

Some of you knew about the trip, but this is new information to others. Here are some sneak peaks of the 113 photos we took. So sorry they are small! You’ll see full-size ones on Picasa soon:

What is a “Picasa”?

A Picasa is an online photo gallery that lots of AG bloggers use. I have one, in which I will post my American Girl store pictures. I may start to make my photo stories on there, because it could be easier, and that way you can share what you think in each part of the story, or each picture. I will take a poll on whether or not I should start doing it on there. If you have never seen a Picasa, be sure to check out Quinlyn’s and Hannah’s, and other peoples. (Quinny&Co, IrishGirl) The links are on their websites.

If you start to do photo stories and photo shoots on Picasa, what will happen to AGDC???

There are plenty of other things I could do on here to keep this website a fun place besides photo stories. All the old photo stories on here will stay around, and I will make a small sneak-peek post whenever I make photo story, like now. I could also do things like Tween Girl’s Daybook, or Monthly Book Review, and things like that. Plus all new information about upcoming AG dolls and more will be posted here. Really, you may not know a difference.

What is that surprise you are talking about???

It’s a surprise! You’ll find out soon enough………….

Where is your picasa?

There is a link to get to it on the right. My AG place thing may not be up quite yet, but it will soon. Now here’s the poll: