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Felicity’s Horseback Riding Lessons June 2, 2010

Filed under: Addy,Doll Fun,Felicity,Molly,Summer — Madeline@AGDC @ 2:55 PM

Some of you are probably saying to yourself, “Yes! A photostory!” Well, here goes:
It was a beautiful June morning, June 2 to be exact-the first real day of the doll’s summer. Yesterday, all the dolls had their awards and promotion ceremonies. Felicity, who had been in 3rd grade, was still asleep, hoping to be able to sleep in. She held her stuffed duck, Mr.Muggles, close. She had had him since she was a baby. Molly, who had been in 6th grade and was going to 7th grade next year, crept in slowly. “Lissie,” she whispered. “Wake up, Lissie…” Molly felt bad to wake Felicity early on her first day of summer. But she needed to, if she was going to get Felicity on time to her……

“HHHOOORRRSSSEEEBBBAAACCCKKKKRRRIIIDDDIIINNNGGLLLEEESSSSSSOOONNNSSS!” Felicity screamed. Molly slapped her hand over her mouth. “SHUSH! The other girls are sleeping.” Felicity nodded. “I know!” she whispered as loud as a whisper would go. “But I’m so excited! I’ll finally ride a horse like my Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother and namesake! Oh, do you think she’ll be brown like Gramma Lissie’s Penny was-” Molly put a finger over her lips and giggled. “We can talk ALL we want on the way to your lessons. But let’s get out of this room. We don’t want wake up our sisters. And get dressed”

Felicity changed into the horse-back riding outfit Madeline had bought her. It even had an “LA” emblem on it, which stood for Lipton Anderson, which was where Felicity would be taking her lessons. She tugged on her boots as her and Molly headed out the door.

When they got to the stables, Felicity saw a small, plump African-American women who would be her teacher. “Good golly!” she exclaimed in her sweet southern accent as Felicity and Molly approached. “I had no idea my student would be such a fine lady!” Felicity smiled but before she could say her thanks the women started again. “Anyway, you’ll have to excuse me. I’m not in usual uniform. You see, it was my day out of the staff to clean the stables. I tried to tell them I had a gal to teach, but I couldn’t get out of the job. And oh my, I didn’t have no time to change. Oh dear me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Mrs. Anderson, I’m the co-manager of the stables next to Mrs.Lipton, and I love to teach kids like you. It’s wonderful that kids have an interest in these animals,” she said as a horse snorted. “Nice to meet you, Mrs.Anderson.” Molly spoke for Felicity. “I’m Felicity’s older sister. Could I watch her over on that bench?” Mrs. Anderson smiled a smile filled with pretty white teeth. “You sure can.” she answered. Then she turned to Felicity. “So who is my student again?” she asked. “Mrs.Anderson, my name is Felicity Merriman, Mrs.Anderson. Nice to meet me–OH I MEAN you, Mrs.Anderson!!!! I’m so sorry!” The lady laughed. “You don’t have to repeat my name so many times, child. And that’s fine. Now what got ya all roused up in horses?”

“Well,” Felicity began. “My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great- Grandmother was the FAMOUS Felicity Merriman. They even wrote a series of books about her and made a doll of her, you see. My mother named me after her. Sometimes I even dress like her. She’s my hero.” Mrs.Anderson went, awwww and muttered “Bless her heart!” as Felicity went on. “Well you see, when my Grandmother was ten like I am, she fell in love with horses. There was an awful man named Jiggy Nye in her neighborhood, who beat horses, (Mrs. Anderson puts a hand on her chest and goes, “Ooh!”, wrapped in the story) “And, one day she was helping her father’s apprentice, Ben, deliver some horse things to him. My many-greats grandmother saw his new horse, Penny, and saw how badly he treated it. So in the night, my Grama Lissie-that’s what I call her- visited the horse to give it food and treat it well. She even learned to ride it. She eventually set the horse free so it wou;dn’t die from Jiggy’s harsh treatments. One day at her grandfather’s plantation, Grama Lissie was reunited with Penny, and she loved her and took care of her. I’ve read my Grama’s 6 biographies about her and Penny. I want to follow in her footsteps of being a hero and saving Penny. Also, I want to glorify God.” Mrs. Anderson grinned. “What a great story! That’s a better answer than any of my students have said when I asked them why they wanted to learn to ride. C’mon, I’ll let you meet Blackie.”

“This girl always ends up being my students’ favorite. Meet Blackie.” Felicity reached her hand out. She was a little nervous about how BIG the horse was. But the anxiety melted away when she felt the horse’s soft mane. “Now,” began Mrs.Anderson, “The first and most important step for being a rider is to get familiar with his/her horse. You need to meet your horse and give her the ability to trust you. If she doesn’t, she won’t let you ride her. But Blackie does nice on children after she meets them, and I can already tell you’ll be a natural.”

“Here,” said Mrs.Anderson, handing Felicity a bucket of apples. “Try feeding her. That’s a good way of earning trust from her.” Felicity took an apple from the bucket. “Here, Blackie, sweet darling, c’mon, Blackie, I won’t hurt you.” Then she made kissy noises as a coax to get Blackie to come near her. Like magic, Blackie took the apple out of Felicity’s hand. A wave of astonishment passed over Felicity. The horse’s tongue tickled. Excitedly, Felicity pulled another apple out, and the horse took it. After that she patted Blackie, guessing two apples were enough for a snack. Mrs. Anderson, who had been watching from afar, came over. “I’m impressed, Felicity!” she said. “It usually takes a while for Blackie to get near kids, even though she ends up loving them. But she came right up to you. And you even knew when enough apples were enough, you didn’t over feed her. Maybe I’ll let you brush and wash her. How’s that?” Felicity nodded.

Felicity washed Blackie and brushed her in circular motion the way Mrs. Anderson had taught her. Soon, the horse was clean and “neighed” at Felicity. “That means he loves you!” her teacher assured her. Felicity giggled and petted the horse. “I love you too, Blackie!

Finally, it was time for riding. Felicity sucked in her breath as Mrs.Anderson hooked up the bit and saddle and other supplies and secured the helmet on Felicity’s head. “Hop up. Uppity up!” Mrs.Anderson coaxed her and helped her up onto the huge saddle. Felicity felt as if she were on the top of a mountain. “We are going to trot. I will hold the reigns.” Mrs. Anderson said. Felicity felt amazing on top of the horse. It was great. Felicity leaned forward and held onto Blackie’s mane as if she were going 100 miles per hour. “Don’t worry,” Mrs. Anderson said. “You won’t fall off.” Felicity laughed from the joy of riding a horse. “It’s not that,” she said. “I’m pretending I am in a horse race, and I must go super fast! Hee-yah!” Now it was Mrs. Anderson’s turn to laugh. You deserve to try it on your own. I will be right here to catch you if you fall. Now ride to you hearts desire.” She handed the reigns to Felicity, who rode quite fast for a beginner around the large prairie. She felt just like her Grama Lissie. Finally, the miraculous ride had to be over. How could Felicity bear it?

“My Golly oh MY!” exclaimed Mrs. Anderson. “I am going to enter you in a fine respected horse show. Don’t doubt it. Just a few more lessons and I WILL. That canter–from a first-timer! It’s in your heart, child, not your brain or mind like with most children. You don’t need me to teach you. But we both want me to. You are AMAZING, let me say!” Felicity hugged her. “You are a great teaher, Mrs.Anderson!!!! I cannot wait till next week for my lesson!”


29 Responses to “Felicity’s Horseback Riding Lessons”

  1. Quinlyn Says:

    That was such a sweet story! 😀 Felicity IS a natural! I hope there is a story about the horse show! 🙂


    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Thank you, Quinlyn! Actually, I WAS thinking about making a post about the horse show! Check soon!

  2. Grace Says:

    Hi Madeline that is great! I love that story and about her grandmother being the “real” Lissie! 😆 The only thing wrong is that you spell “reigns” without a G when writing about the ones used for horses. I love this photo story. as I recall, you haven’t had one since Easter, am i right?
    Anyway i have a problem and I would like advice:
    OK If i go to the AGP ever i WANT to bring Kirsten no matter what. she is my first doll and I have never been to an AGP. My kirsten’s hair though, is NOT brand new. I cut it and its a bot frizzy. I want Kirsten to go to the doll hair salon though, and I’m afraid they’ll say there’s nothing they can do with it or something…or look at Kirsten weird…I’m scared! any advice?

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Thank you, Grace! Oops about the spelling mistake….I wasn’t quite sure. That’s ok, I’ll fix it later.

      About your problem: Molly has the same thing wrong. It depends- Did you cut Kirsten’s hair short, with funky layers, or what? If the workers there do what they are supposed to do, they should have no choice but to accept your doll. I think they only do styles though-not major cleanings or even nothing more than a brush-through. I suggest Sarah Stephenswodadancer to help you! Do you know who she is?

      • Grace Says:

        Yes, I do. I just cut it to mid-back because it was all frizzy. I sorta regret it, but you see, she is an old Kirsten and her skin is darker. AG WOULD replace her head and limbs but that’d be like having a new doll. i dont want a new doll I want MINE!
        Do u understand? thanks madeline. 🙂

  3. Leanna Says:

    Wow Felicity,you look like you did a fabulous job!And Mrs.Anderson is so sweet!Great job with the photostory Madeline,I loved it!

  4. Leanna Says:

    How come I got a new picture thing for the square?I recall it was green,right?

  5. Leanna Says:

    Oh,maybe.But now I’ll always comment again.;D

  6. sarah Says:

    shes just like sallyjoe!!!1st time ridin a horse and it looks like shes been ridin 4 YEARS!!!
    i think i might make a blog…HOW???i want 2,but idk how 2 make 1.bye!!!

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      I told this to someone else, I can set it up for you. If you want me to, just ask me and I will tell you how.

      If you don’t go to and click Get A Free Blog Here and it pretty much explains itself. Oh, and it may help to have your own email because you will be sent notifications and comments and stuff.

  7. sarah Says:

    ok,ill make 1 now…

  8. Anne Says:

    That was a really cute photo story! I enjoyed reading it! 🙂

  9. Emily Says:

    Great story! I LOOOOOOOOVE these, I hope you make more soon!! I just posted on the writing wall

  10. agdollsrgr8 Says:

    hi, um, Maddie, I’ve commented before- I’m Amanda. I wanted to ask u how I can possibly get a calender up on my blog? I just made 1 and I’m SOOOOOO excited!!!!!!so, can u help me? PLEASE? BTW, LOVE the photostory!!!!!

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Hold on, I don’t know exactly what your asking me. What do you need help with?

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      OH ok I get it now! You’ll go to your site’s dashboard, and click the little arrow beside of the word “Appearance”. Then you want to click “Widgets” and you can add whatever you like to your site. I am going to check it out now!

  11. hannie96 Says:

    I love it Madeline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Marcus Davis Says:

    This is an odd story to share with the world. So the black doll is cleaning out the stables after her stint as a runaway slave? You should buy her some new clothes so she can at least work in the house. Of course you would have to give her elocution lessons first.

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      I’m sooo sorry! I NEVER meant it to seem like that. Addy’s race was not at all involved with why I chose her for the part; in fact I just randomly picked her. The reason that she’s wearing those types of clothes is because in the story it says she is the co-owner of the stables and it was her day out of the staff to clean the stables. I would hate for anyone to think I did this on purpose. In fact my family is even trying to adopt from Africa. Please know that I make these stories for girls and would never make them only open to one race.
      Have a great day,
      Madeline 🙂

  13. Marcus Davis Says:

    I disagree with Hannie96. I think most AA women would have that reaction or at least wonder. I am not trying to be a jerk just trying to let you know how some will interpret. If you are adopting an African child you will want to be sensitive to these things as the US has not changed as much as we’d like to think. You will have to help and teach your child to navigate through that. We did an open domestic adoption and it has really opened my eyes to this even though I am a person of color it is different to see it through your little girl’s eyes. How differently she is often treated or looked upon and we are in California! Good luck with your adoption. I know from experience how harrowing the process is but it will be so worth it once you have your child in your arms. I really do wish your family the best.

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Just so you know I’m 12 years old and I can’t wait for this adoption to come through so I can get a little sister or brother from Ethiopia. I think it is so sad that people still treat African Americans differently than white people. I thank you for pointing this out because even though I would NEVER do something like this on purpose, I would never want anyone to think I would. So now I will make sure that all my different nationality dolls are treated the same way so that my site is a comfortable place for everyone and no girl feels counted out because of her race. I hope that your daughter still enjoys my website and if she is upset with this story then I highly apologize and let her know I would never do it on purpose!
      Have a great day,
      Madeline 🙂

      • Marcus Davis Says:

        Wow, Madeline. I am shocked that you are only 12. I apologize but I thought you were an adult. Your writing ability is on par with and surpasses that of most adults! Please keep writing. You clearly have a great talent that will only improve. You are clearly a bright articulate young lady and your new brother or sister will be lucky to have you as a big sister! All the best to you and your family.

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