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Josefina to be entering AGPT Photo Contest! May 12, 2010

Filed under: Doll Photography,Josefina,News — Madeline@AGDC @ 5:09 PM

That’s right! Your favorite hispanic girl is going to take a chance and enter the American Girl Playthings Photo Contest; made by the Bean Stalk. We hope you will cast a vote for Josefina! This year, you can give split and give points to other dolls, so that means you can vote for Josie’s friends, too. I’m not exactly sure when the contest will be starting. I think around May 23rd, so be sure to check out the Bean Stalk website soon!!! Thank you and have fun voting!


17 Responses to “Josefina to be entering AGPT Photo Contest!”

  1. sarah Says:

    i will try 2 enter my little sallyjoe 2!!!josefina looks good!!!i may NEVER beat that!!!

  2. Quinlyn Says:

    Oh boy, I am going to enter too!! πŸ˜€ I didn’t know it was going but now I really want to enter! Thanks for posting about it! I thought you had to join AG Playthings to join the photo contest but I guess not! πŸ˜€

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      I don’t know if you need an account on there or not, i don’t, but if you do then I am going to make a temporary one just to use for the contest, since you have to be above 13 to join the actual AGPlaythings.

  3. Emily Says:

    I hope you win! Josefina is sooooooooooooooooo awesome! I bet she will win! πŸ™‚

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Thanks! But hmmmm…. I don’t know… there are some really good people, but I will certainly be trying!

  4. hannie96 Says:

    That sounds really fun!

  5. Julia Says:

    i’m doing it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m gonna win & not u

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      Um, excuse me??? That’s not an appropriate attitude on this website. Please keep yourself from saying things like that. At AGDC we want to be kind to eachother. And honestly, I don’t think either of us will win, there are some really professional people. I’m just doing it for fun. So please do not be mean to me or others or I will report you.

  6. sarah Says:

    i thought u were gonna delete mean and gross comments.some of tha comments r gettin mean.

  7. sarah Says:

    im doin it 4 fun 2 and please,no1 b pushy er have a bad attitude and its my 1st time doin this,EVER.i need 2 have confidence and so does maddie and every1 else entering.who knows…maddie might b tha overall winner!!!bye

  8. Elisha Says:

    I’m not entering but I will vote for people! What’s the site??

  9. Julia Says:

    im sorry for what i said.also, you can enter when your under 18.

    • Madeline@AGDC Says:

      It’s ok, I forgive you. πŸ™‚

      I know you can enter when you are under 18, it said I am too young for the forum its named after. I have to be 13. I think the rule is a little silly, but I can’t argue with the people. 😦

      • sarah Says:

        aw,man!!!i wanted 2 enter!!! 😦 .i wish they had 1 4 under 13!!!i guess i’ll just have 2 wait about……………………………………..3 yrs.bye maddie!!!

      • Madeline@AGDC Says:

        Yah. 😦

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