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American Girl Doll Central News April 7, 2010

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Hey guys! I just signed up on Girl Doll Talk’s Top American Girl Sites! If you think American Girl Doll Central deserves to be interviewed by GIrl Doll Talk, vote for us now! Just go to links and find “Vote for our Site on Girl Doll Talk’s Top American Girl Sites! Please vote! Thank you so much!

In other AGDC news,  we have new printables!!!! We have AGDC site banners, Holiday posters, and more. Check them out and feel free to add them onto your site or print them to hang on your wall!

And if you recommend AGDC to others, make sure you add this to your site.


*Coloring Contest— We have a new contest! This one is not major at all, but just a little fun activity to participate in.
How to enter:
1. Find your favorite printable coloring page at AGDC
2. Print it out and color it as best as you can
3. Take a picture of you and your coloring page and send it to along with this information:
* Name or Nickname
*E-mail Address (so I will be able to write you back)
* Your favorite thing about Springtime

This contest will last until April 15th. I will share the winner on April 16th. The winner will receive:
A Winner Certificate (I will e-mail it to you so you can either print it on or post it on your website)
A Special Shoutout from AGDC and your picture shared on here!!!
A banner made especially or your website by me!

All Participaters will receive a participation certificate.

So there’s really nothing to this contest, mainly just something to do if your bored. But I would really appriciate if you entered! Thanks!


7 Responses to “American Girl Doll Central News”

  1. Hello! Thanks for adding your site to our contest! When you get a chance, add a banner or link on your site so your fans can vote for you!

    Log back in on the site and get your special link that identifies your site. We hope you win because we want to interview you again!

    Christa and Mia

  2. hannie96 Says:

    I’d love to vote for you! I went on the website…but I couldn’t find out how I could vote! How do you do it?

  3. hannie96 Says:

    Nevermind Madeline! I was on the wrong website on accident! I found it and voted for you!


  4. Brooke Says:

    Are you going to post who won????????????????????

  5. Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya

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