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AGDC is taking a short break! February 23, 2010

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Hello everybody! I just wanted to let you know that the AGDC crew and I are taking a short break until this coming Monday. This is for personal reasons; we aren’t just doing this for no reason. Don’t worry though, we are FINE and I promise nobody is hurt or sick or anything. So just hang in there. Sadly, this means the Black History Month event and Chinese New year and Valetines Day photography will be have to be postphoned.
Another thing about our contest. The NEW DEADLINE FOR SENDING YOUR PICTURES IN IS MARCH 3RD. That will give me time to grade them, and for people to send in theirs if they haven’t got a chance yet because I have only a few entries as of right now. I WILL GRADE THE CONTEST PICTURES ON MARCH 5TH. I hope none of you are too upset with me about this unconveinence, and I’m very sorry and we will be back up and running on Monday or Tuesday. I won’t be able to check comments either, so don’t freak out and please wait to ask important questions after the break is over. Until the break is over, please check out our older photo ┬ástories you may have not had a chance to see. Thank you I love you all!
Madeline and the girls.