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February Fun February 6, 2010

Ok everyone, it’s Madeline. I hope you all are starting to get out your heart candies and yummy chocolates,  because this month is FEBRUARY FUN MONTH! There is so much great stuff we’ll be doing in February and almost every post will go along with the theme! There are Valentine’s Day Parties, Addy and Lulu will teach you about Black History Month, and Eva Grace will celebrate a new twist on Chinese New Year. And we’ll be having several contests ALL MONTH! It’s definitely a month you DON’T want to miss!!!

First off, I’d like to begin the month with a photo contest. And not just a send-you-pic-in like we usually do. You will WIN something if you win! But first, let’s find out what his “February Fun Photo Contest” is all about!
This month of February we will be having a photo contest. For your photo(s), your theme must be related to a event happening or a theme popular in February. Here are some suggestions for things happening:
*Valentines’ Day
*Black History Month
*Chinese New Year (Please no stuff about all those weird gods and stuff but a basic, fun idea)
*Anything other. This event may happen only in your family (like a family reunion, etc.) or friends, or something country/world wide. But please, nothing like Christmas or St.Patrick’s Day in the middle of February!
And here are some other themes that are popular in February you may want to include:
*Any of the holidays above (Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, etc.)
*A color theme-(white,red, pink, gold)
*Candy or accessories

1. You must have picture(s) of DOLLS, only. Please no humans!
2. You picture must be appropriate or I will not accept it and send you a vialation
3. The minimum of sending pictures IF YOU ARE SENDING THEM is 1. The maximum is 5. If you are not interested in sending pictures, that’s fine, but we would love it if you did.
4. Please respect ALL races and cultures. Nothing that may offend other people and their beliefs or nationality.
5. Must have pictures SENT by Feb.26,2010. I will show the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners on February 28, 2010
6. You MUST have your parents permission. We will NOT accept your photo unless you have a grown-ups approval.
7. Must follow all rules and conditions
8. Have fun!

3rd place winner: A special shout-out to you on AGDC and my Youtube (my Youtube channel: AGmadeline17), A 3rd Place ribbon and certificate, A Valentine’s Day heart pillow for your doll sewn by Madeline!!!
2nd Place winner: A special shout-out to you on AGDC and my Youtube, A 2nd Place certificate and ribbon, A Valentine’s Day Doll DRESS for your doll sewn by Madeline
1st place winner: A special  shout-out to you on AGDC and my Youtube, A 1st Place winner certificate and ribbon, A Valentine’s Day Doll Dress for our doll and Valentine’s Day heart pillow for your doll PLUS a American Girl Doll Valentine’s Day Blanket ALL sewn by Madeline!

How to Enter:
1. Send your picture(s) to: including this information:
*Your first name or username
*Your doll(s) names
*A caption to go along with each of your photos

NOTE: To send you the things if you win, I will have to ask for some kind of address. So PLEASE ask for your parent’s permission before entering.  Have Fun and Stay Safe!!!