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samantha freshens things up—by samantha elizabeth parkington AND KIT KITRIDJE! January 27, 2010

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hey guys it’s the best agdc doll ever samantha! well you see madeline hasnt updated her site in forever. its because she’s been terribly busy with sewing, dance, homework, and other stuff. one girl asked madeline if her blog had stopped. well there is one vow madeline made that you ALL need to memorize or at least get into your heads. I, Madeline AGDC, vows that I will never leave or end this blog unless it is impossible to continue or when I am old and weak and falling apart or if God tells me so. If it is possible, I will hand the blog to someone else who I can trust. But for now, as a young person, I vow not to leave this blog for as long as my dolls and I live on the internet! ok I think she made her point. so lets move on. madeline sat down with us and gave us a talk. she said that butiolekadnxefioedklszhrfjlnsdhtneirsghbfnishfnaehiwoHUTGVNRTGIJOVNRSYGPSVD;R hekrheiksntgvdfklmtfdjklrm,fduxjkntgcvx ./ter8ujlkr4fhjkntrcuvhjknm4redfsfdikl;rfdcjvxl;,r.efdchxioklmdfcxuiokl.,redfscxguoikl;45./temdfg cvx bn

(“KIT what are you doing?”)
(“Helping you.”)
(“You are not helping at all so go away.”)
(“That’s mean so I’m telling Lulu! LULU!”)
(” SHOOSH! Oh Don’t please!”)
(“I won’t on one condition… you let me help you.”)
(“OK. fine. Whatever.”)
(” You GOT to be nicer.”)
(“Ok, sit in my lap.”)

ANYWAY, madeline was saying that this blog is not hers but OURS. she said, ‘i am not trying to be mean my girls, but without you, my blog would not be here. so you have to get busy. brainstorm and figure out things that will entertain my readers. and act things out if you need to. i will repay you. i promise.’
ok, so i got josefina to brainstorm with me. she said we should do a teaparty theme for a photo story. i said, no, thats too boring. she said, how bout a rock and roll concert theme. i said, no, too wild
so i said, how about a birthday party? she said, but no ones birthday is coming up. and so i said, well make it up. well pretend it is one of our birthdays. so josie was like, ok lets tell the others!
(“I want to do it now, Samanthie!”)
(“Not right now, Kit. I am in the middle of something.”)
(“BUT I WANT TO!!!”)
(“Kit, stop kicking.”)
(“LET ME!!”)
(“Stop being bratty!”)
(“I’m NOT now let me ON or I’ll SCREAM.”)
(“Fine. You don’t scare me.”)
(“Roar! Ok here I go.”)
rtfuhnjk,tredopl;,./ ,5grfvcx gfhyrdfghdgferdfcxhjrdfyhjedcgb4nmwpjk,rfdc 89iopkl;,./5fgipoik;redfuiopl;34.emdn bcx73459I5RLEDSXHFLey79uwikl4r4,.fdesifedksvfhsldfdshfldgcyiu xo;78rehFG
(“Then show me how!”)
(“Ok. Now watch how I type.”)
hello my name is kit and my sister samantha is the greatest.
(“Typing is boring, Samantha. I’m leaving. Bye-bye.”)
(“Great. Go do your thing that you do.”)
ok sorry for the interruption. you know little sisters. anyway, josefina, felicity, eva grace and i are going to make this birthday party post to surprise madeline. its sort of a competition because molly,addy,lulu,elsie and kathleen are doing one together. kit is going over to maria kits house that day so she wont be here.  anyway, you know that new samantha doll across the street whos julias sister? yeh she is like my bff now. her name is hannah. shes so pretty and sweet and nice and guess what? you know how for the photo story competition we have only 4 and the other team has 5? she said she’d help us. i love her. like a friend, of course.
hannah likes the idea of a birthday party, although in my heart i know she may not work for us. you see the girls on our side are more careless about cursive writing and straight A’s and stuff but the girls on the other side are all highest academics. their photo story will look like madeline did it. but ours will have a….uh……”special”…doll personality to it. youll know who left their marks. anyway, hannah is a high academic cursive-writing girl. she may be more interested in what the brains have then what us besties have. wait… i got it! i got team names  for us!
The Brains:                                                The Besties:
Molly (team captain)                        Samantha (team captain)
Addy                                                      Josefina
Lulu                                                       Felicity
Elsie                                                       Eva Grace
Kathleen                                               Hannah (maybe!)

the qualities of the brains is that they are super good at working together and  that they are super smart and have high academics and can write in cursive. eva can write in cursive and is smart, but i want her to be on our team. anyway the brains can solve math riddles, know their way around the world with super geographical skills, and can recite the whole entire periodic table. they prefer mustard. the besties’s number one super power is girl power and friendship. they may not be as smart as the brains but they can recite the pledge of humor perfectly. they can ride unicycles and all are some part of the National Mega Annual Unicycle Awesome Extreme Power Races Of USA and Canada. and they are super super awesome. and they can shoot candy with their specially equipped Sweets And Treats Gun. they prefer ketchup. so there you go. which team are you rooting for?
gotta go propose this idea to molly the team captain of the enemy. so bye!


14 Responses to “samantha freshens things up—by samantha elizabeth parkington AND KIT KITRIDJE!”

  1. Victoria Says:

    We are definately voting for the besties! No offense brains, we like you guys too, but we are voting for the besties. Can’t wait!! 🙂
    Samantha, Felicity, and Chrissa

  2. Quinlyn Says:

    Oh dear, I want to vote for the Brains since Kathleen and Elsie are on that team…but I think the besties sound better so I guess I will route for the Besties. 🙂



    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Aww thanks, Quinlyn! I can’t explain how much I love your blog too.
      Kathleen and Elsie will forgive you if you route for the other team. So will the Besties!

  3. Leanna Says:

    Go besties!What Victoria said.Not trying to be mean or anything.And Hannah sounds super nice,Samantha!Madeline,
    I hope you can get a picture of both of them together,I can just imangin how cute they look.:))
    P.S.The e-mail I told you about is coming soon.I been busy too!

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      I will try to get a picture of Sam and Hannah soon! Pre-Mattel Samantha doll vs. Mattel Samantha Doll! LOL

  4. mackenzie Says:

    umm… im kinda confused.. whats the compatition???? im afraid ill have to root for the besties!!!!

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Since Madeline (me) have been super busy with a variety of stuff, so the competition is meant to help Madeline out, so the competition is which team can make a better photo story. The Brains, or the Besties? I don’t blame you. Who doesn’t love unicycles and the Pledge of Humor?

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  6. Elene Loomer Says:

    I would have to say this is an wonderful piece of work. I say this deserves mentioning somewhere else. Would you mind if I placed a link on my site to this post?

  7. Shad Kokenge Says:

    This is such a awesome article. I look forward to seeing more of your writing.

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