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Interesting Doll Prototypes- TOP SECRET!!!! January 16, 2010

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Today I was surfing the web for American Girl Doll things, when I came upon an interesting prototype of American Girl Kit! I thought it would be nice to show it on my site! I also came across other  facts and prototypes, ones that you may find interesting! Enjoy!

Kit Kittredge Prototype SketchThis is the Kit Kittredge prototype sketch. Now let’s look how Kit REALLY turned out and see if we can  spot the differences.

Ok let’s see…
1. Kit is posed differently. One the Prototype, she is holing her pocketbook in one arm and the other is just posed outward. Her cardigan is on. She looks ready and quite peaceful. On the actual Kit, Kit seems like she has had a long day and happily coming home from school. Her cardigan is swung over her shoulder and and her other arm is lazily holding the pocketbook. In my opinion, she seems to be “walking” a little faster in the used one. The used one (I guess that’s what I’ll call it) seems to fit Kit’s personality more.
2. The main thing you’ll notice is her outfit is TOTALLY different. Well maybe not so much the outfit as it’s colors. In the prototype, Kit’s theme colors of her outfit seem to  blue and cream. Her cardigan sweater set is cream and quite plain. Her skirt is actually almost identical of the used one, just way different colors, as you can see. Kit’s hat is the only thing that differs from Kit’s two outfits totally (as well as figure shape and color). In the prototype Kit’s hat is straw and almost looks like a gardening hat in my opinion. It has a blue bow over to the side. Kit’s used hat is a simpler crochet knit cap with a ribbon all the way around it and a bow to the side. Her shoes are the same. I dunno about you guys, but I like the new one better.
3. Kit’s facial expression is not the exact same. It’s not like the “same exact figure” with different clothes, but her whole self is different. Her face in the prototype is more facing us, and her short blonde bob is shiny and can be seen on both sides of her face, sort of “curling” under her chin. Her face has more freckles in the prototype and her cheeks look very like “roses”. In the newer one, her face is a little different and she looks like she is “passing by” with a friendly smile, not paying attention to you as much as the prototype.
4. The plants are not the same!!!
I love Kit and she is one of the most favorite of American Girl Dolls for me. I, personally, like the newer one better and think it matches her personality in the books more, what do you think? Tell us!

The Sonali mold was not originally made to be a Sonali mold when American Girl chose to make one of it’s sort. It was first going to be the “Mia Mold”. That’s right, Girl Of the Year 2008 Mia. There had been many rumors about the red-head. She was at first thought to be Japanese like her author and wear glasses. Another rumor said that she was African American. Maybe this rumor almost came true. Facts show that prototypes of the Sonali mold wear made for Mia. Why do you think they decided to change it? That may be a question unanswered. However American Girl first used their “Mia” mold on Sonali, who was 2009 Girl Of The Year Chrissa’s best friend, along with Gwen. The three dolls and their collection retired in January 2010. Thye have also used this mold on Just Lie You Dolls. However, no Historical Doll bears the mold. But Kaya, Girl of 1764, as an unusual mold. Her mold is the only mold with a mouth closed. Her face also resembles the Bitty Twin Brunette Girl.
Mia St. Clair. This is how the Girl Of The Year 2008 turned out to look like, bearing the Classic Mold, first used on Molly, Kirsten and Samantha.

Why do you think companies change their ideas or use prototypes? Do you think the change of their products help them sell better?
Thanks! Comment and Rate!


30 Responses to “Interesting Doll Prototypes- TOP SECRET!!!!”

  1. The image of Addy in the prototype dress was copied from a post on the AGPT Message Forum and crossposted to this blog without permission by the original photographer.

    It needs to be removed due to violation of copyright.

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Oh I’m SO Sorry I had no idea!!!!!! Please forgive me!!!!! I will take it off imeadiently!!!!! 😦 Sorry Sorry!

  2. Emily L. Says:

    Don’t take this off! I like it, Madeline! AGplaythings does have a point, but it’s very cool and awesome. Don’t delete it!

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      I know it’s awesome and interesting, but it’s only fair to take it off. I will from now on be more cautious about what I take (I didn’t MEAN to “copyright”). Maybe I will ASK for Agplaything’s PERMISSION, but if she says no, then we must respect that.

      • Emily L. Says:

        Oh, I understand. It’s almost bedtime. 7:52, to be exact. Well, see you tommorw! (What state in the US do you live in?) : 🙂 : 😀

      • americangirldcentral Says:

        I am not really supposed to share that information online for safety reasons, but if you tell me what state you live in, I can tell you whether I live close or not. 8)

      • Kristina Says:

        I am new at this, were you asking what state I live in? If so, I live in Michigan. The dresses were made for “girl” sizes at Baby Bliss in Middleville, Michigan. One for sure is a Kirsten dress (pink and white) and the prototypes were not ever labeled Pleasant Company until they were actually approved. You can let me know if this is something that you would have information about.


      • americangirldcentral Says:

        Ok—-I live far from you. But I’ve been to Michigan, it’s fun! If it’s ok with you, would you like to show those dresses here? Just send me them through e-mail. My e-mail address is
        Thanks! 🙂

      • Emily L. Says:

        I live in New York, a small town called Fairport, to be exact. It’s near Rochester. We have a team called Red Raiders, and the Erie Canal is very close by, and we talk about it endlessy!

      • americangirldcentral Says:

        My dad’s family is from NY! Wow! What if we were twins?

      • Emily L. Says:

        My dad’s family is from NY, as well! We are, Madeline! We’re twins!

  3. Lena Says:

    The thing about the Sonali mold is not true. The Mia prototype had a different mold.

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      I didn’t say the actual Sonali mold was made for Mia. I said some prototype or different types of versions of the Sonali mold were made fro Mia but not used. Yes, it’s true.

  4. Kristina F Says:

    I also believe that I have a few prototype AG items in my possession. Some girl sized clothing made by Baby Bliss that is the same company that previously made most of the “girl sized” clothing for AG before it was bought Mattel. I might post a thread about this to see if anyone else has more info on these.

  5. Leanna Says:

    I don’t get it.I don’t see a picture of Addy.:(

  6. Leanna Says:

    Oh.Thats okay.But,could you give me a link to it so I can see it?

  7. mackenzie Says:

    umm… did i miss something? u havent updated for a while so im not sure if this blog still “exists”?????

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  10. hannah Says:

    i always wondered why kaya had her mouth closed and all the other dolls did not ??

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      It’s because for the doll to be historically accurate, her mouth needed o be close. You see, in a tribe like the kind that Kaya was in, it was rude to bear your teeth. Not sure why?

  11. Not your beezwax Says:

    this is a very weird site, i thought u were gonna say cool stuff about american girl, like were you can get there things 4 free os somthing like that! (-10 stars)

  12. So this was how the beta Kit looked like, eh? Beta as in internal testing/evaluation, like in computer software.

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