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Meet The Traveling Sisters, Marisol and Kaya! January 12, 2010

Hey guys! Guess what? There are new traveling dolls here in town! Sadly I haven’t even finished Mia Moyer’s story, but I am geting there and have already started on writing it! But meet our newest traveling SISTERS, Marisol and her little sister Kaya!

“Are you sure right address, M’sissy?” asked Kaya.
“I’m sure, Kaya. Now if we could just get up these stairs…” Marisol said.
“But M’sissy, legs TIRED!”
“I know, Kaya. Almost there. And have you been working on your English lately?”
Marisol’s little sister, Kaya, was Native-American and didn’t speak English perfect. Kaya was also quite young, so she still had a way to go.

“DOOR! Open!” cried Kaya, slamming her face into the door.
“FINALLY, we’re HERE! Golly, that’s a LONG trip!!!” Even Marisol almost slammed her face into the door.
“Kaya, stop yelling. Be patient. Ring the doorbell. The AGDC dolls have been expecting us, so they should get to the door real quick.”

Suddenly, the door opened and a friendly, Asian face appeared. “Hi! I’m Eva Grace. Are you two the Traveling Sisters we’ve been expecting?”
Kaya, seeing another doll who was so close and so wildly talking, began to feel uncomfortable and stepped back and twirled some her long, black hair into her face.
“Yes, we are! My name is Marisol Hattrich, and this is my little sister. Please excuse her shyness. And her English. Β And how she chews on her hair sometimes when she’s bored or feeling shy.”
“Oh, it’s fine!” laughed Eva Grace. Then she turned to Kaya. “What’s your name?”
“Her name’s Kaya.” explained Marisol, suddenly getting embarressed.
“Oh, such a pretty name!” said Eva Grace. “Come in, come meet the girls.”

But before they could go into Madeline’s room, a figure popped out. “MARY-SOLD! KAYLA! YOU TWO COULD MAKE IT!”
The Traveling Sisters looked at each-other, confused.
“Thank you, we did. But our names our actually Marisol and Kaya. And you?” That was how Marisol replyed to Samantha.
“Oh. Ok then.. (sigh). What about Looren?”
“It’s LAUREN.”
“Oh. Ok. I guess…ah…(sigh sigh)…oh, I’m Samantha. Ok then. Bye.”
“Not so fast, Sammi! What did I tell you about listening or creating Gossip?” said Eva Grace.
“You told me, ‘Don’t listen to (sigh) Gossip because it’s wrong and it can hurt people and you may hear the wrong (sigh) thing.’ That is what you (sigh) told me….”
“Yep, and go tell the others the Traveling Sisters are here.”

“Ok! Everyone!” Eva tried to calm all the girls down. “These are our new traveling dolls, the “Traveling Sisters” we’ve talked about. This is Marisol, and this one is Kaya. I want all of you to treat them extra-special and be nice!” Then Eva turned to the sisters.
“Here are our girls. Get ready. (all in one breath) Josefina, Felicity, Molly, Samantha, Addy, Kit, Elsie, Kathleen,Lulu, and myself, Eva Grace (pant pant pant). Ok, we all must make this house ready for our guests. Molly and Addy, begin to cook dinner. Elsie and Kathleen, help set the sleeping bags and stuff out for the girls. Josefina and Felicity, help the girls unpack. Kit and Lulu, go around and help with a little bit of each of those. I will set the table for dinner.”

But before Eva Grace dismissed everyone, Kaya was already over in a corner setting up her things quietly.

Soon, dinner was ready. There was a great meal of Breadsticks, Hotdogs, Fruit, Pizza, and Soda. It was very yummy. But before it was over, the realized Kaya had dissappeared from the table. Felicity felt concerned and she went to the Guest’s Room to see if Kaya was OK.

And she saw the oddest thing! Shy, little, sweet Kaya dancing and singing her heart out with the music blasting! Felicity dissappeared into the shadow of the room and secretly watched Kaya until the music on her tape recorder nearly wore out. Kaya almost screamed when Felicity came out of the shadows and she realized sheΒ had not been keeping her special talent a secret and now everyone would know. But Kaya couldn’t let anyone else know! She just could not. Her heart for music could not be spread.

Kaya, in fear, instantly covered herself in her long, beautiful silk hair and hid in the corner.
“Why you in Kaya’s room!!!!” Kaya yelled. “You not go in here!!!! Felicity goes in Felicity’s room!”
“Calm down, sweetie. It’s ok. Why do you keep your wonderful talent a secret? You dance beautifully!”
“‘Cause people make fun me of my dance.”
“M’sissy. And The School People.”
“They are just bullies. And your sister does it because you are SISTERS. There has to be another reason as well.”
Kaya nodded.
“I get afraid to dance front of others. I afraid they laugh again.”
“You shouldn’t feel that way! They are laughing at something they shouldn’t laugh at. You should share your gift and do it for God. Tell you what? If you start sharing your dancing and singing in front of others and start to believe in yourself, I’ll take you to “The Singing And Dancing Show” downtown.

“Yes. I like music and dance show.”
“Ok, then it’s set!”

Kaya and Marisol are so happy to be here as Traveling Dolls! Tune in next time to see there next adventure!!!!


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25 Responses to “Meet The Traveling Sisters, Marisol and Kaya!”

  1. Quinlyn Says:

    Aww, poor Kaya! But that is awesome that she has such a special talent! Wow, her hair is beautiful!! πŸ˜€

    Did you hear about my YouTube account getting suspended? Well, I am getting a new one soon. πŸ™‚



    • americangirldcentral Says:

      I know! I have fallen in love with Kaya! πŸ™‚

      I heard. I’m so sorry! But I am glad you are getting a new one too! πŸ™‚

  2. mackenzie Says:

    cool story! Im sitting here at my computer chewing on the AG sandwich from Chrissa’s party treats!?!?!?!?!? wierd, i know.. i think im gonna go get a snack. bye

  3. Emily L. Says:

    : 😦 : πŸ˜› Wow, I feel sorry for Kaya. But, I feel werid at the same time.

  4. Emily L. Says:

    : :3 I meant werid as happy, but unknown at the same time. LOL! : πŸ™‚ : 😦 : :p : : πŸ˜€ : :3 8)

  5. Leanna Says:

    Kaya’s so cute and pretty!I like to sing sometimes,but not in front of everybody!I know how Kaya feels.LOL.But I’m sure AGDC won’t laugh at her.:))

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      I know i feel in love with her! I know how she feels too, LOL. I’ll slap my dolls if they laugh at Kaya. πŸ˜‰

  6. Hi, i must say fantastic blog you have, i stumbled across it in Yahoo. Does you get much traffic?

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Thank you Sir!
      My blog does get LOTS of traffic somedays but other times it is quiet. Thanks for looking at it and have a nice day!

  7. I can’t belive that you produced all the operate to share this! Awesome. Without Bloggers like you, we would never get so superb information’s!

  8. Somewhere did you find for that great information? I tried to get some way more details about it, but I wasn’t able to.

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  10. cant say Says:

    the way kaya talks is sooooo cute!!! πŸ˜€ please make more !!!

  11. julie albright ( the doll) Says:

    what does agdc stand for?

  12. Carly Says:

    ey Maddie!!!!!!!!!!!1 love the story!!!!!!!!!!!!1 and I LOVE Kaya!!!!!!!!!!!!

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