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VERY Important Information Concerning This Site January 3, 2010

Filed under: Message from Madeline,News,What's New — Madeline@AGDC @ 5:52 PM

Hello everyone! It’s Madeline. I have very important for all the fans of this site. Don’t worry, it’s not sad like I’m discontinuing this site or anything, I couldn’t imagine that. But anyway, let’s get going.

Hey everyone!   First of all let me say some things are not getting done that should be getting done here on my part. Some posts that should have been posted are getting post-phoned or quitted. Maybe “Samantha’s Birthday Party” rings a bell? “Christmas Morning”? Some series of stories aren’t getting finished. I am sure you are familer with some:
1. The True Friend
2. Traveling Mia Moyer
3. Elsie’s Biltmore Adventure (not Baltimore, BILTMORE)
Trust me, I will get these done soon enough. Next, let me tell you sometimes it gets very hard to run a blog. Harder then you think at times. I don’t see the day when I will stop posting on this blog, but it does get a little tricky at times. I have homework, school, family, friends, parties, company, plans, vacation, I get grounded sometimes like a normal kid, and so on. My blog doesn’t “come first” in my schedule and I’m only 11 years old. You’ll have to excuse me sometimes. Though, I AM discontinuing one line in the AGDC program.
FeeFee the Fairy’s Club for Girls
I am only discontinuing it for a little while and I will try to bring it back, but for now FeeFee’s club is temporally closed. I’m sorry for those of you who enjoyed it, and the new FeeFee the Fairy Club will be even better in the future.
About New Year’s Eve with my dolls, that had to be post-phoned because of emergency reasons. But don’t worry, it’ll be up this week hopefully.
And what else is their to look forward to upcoming?
Kit Goes to the Carolina Panthers Football Game
Stuff I got for Christmas!
Things American Girl Doll do in their Spare Time
And more! Thank you for understanding!


14 Responses to “VERY Important Information Concerning This Site”

  1. mackenzie Says:

    Hey! i noticed that you werent finishing some of the stories, but its TOTOLY ok! i would be the same way if i had a blog! (which i want too, buy the way) i love your site… its my fav AG site. (other than the oficial AG site) and i SO do not want u to stop it!

  2. pioneerfan04 Says:

    I TOTALLY understand, what with me having a blog also. Some thing’s are forgotten, but that’s okay. I forget to do things ALL the time on my blog, like post pictures in every post… us blog runners just don’t have all the time in the world for our blog. 🙂

  3. Victoria Says:

    I completely understand! It’s totally okay that not all of them are finished, but it must be hard to have a blog when you are so busy. Love the site, and sooo glad it’s not ending.

  4. Siobahn Says:

    Hello! I just started my own blog at: and I would really like it if you came and looked at it. Thanks Madeline, and I really enjoy your blog!

  5. AGlover Says:

    Hey Madeline! I just started a blog. I think you do a great job on yours!

  6. AGlover Says:

    I know I said this already but, thanks again for posting the news about my blog! 🙂 Oh, and Siobahn and AGlover are the same people. And, I just can’t thank you enough! 🙂 That means so much to me. When I read that, I started screaming! 🙂

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