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“hey” from samantha December 30, 2009

hey people it me samantha. hello. madeline said i um could post here. you see though i not very good on computer so please excuse me. thanks.

ok so you all know we (“Lulu, how do you caps things?” “Here, you press this button then the light comes on..” “Ok, thanks.”)  TOTALLY forgot the whole christmas morning thing. wah wah waha waha wah cry sob cry sob! its all kit’s fault. she forgot to take pictures. well maybe its NOT but still im not going to blame MADELINE she is my human and this is her blog. well anyway sorry about that. wah wah wahha sob cry sobbb please forgive me and the dolls. we mean no harm. next year. or maybe just later. but no promises.  oops. but im sure your wondering what we got.
1. we got a really cool doll locker from madeline’s friend lindsay.
2. travel-the-world kid playset with a little paper passport and everything.
3. we got a new doll (mini doll) her name is nellie. she is my best friend in doll version.
4. elsie’s blue merino coat from life of faith
5.  new outfit (to share) thats really pretty from madeline’s aunt lisa.
6.a new christmas dress called  addy’s christmas dress from american girl
7.a horse-back riding outfit. not the one from american girl but from our generation
8. radio and CDs
9. coconut the dog
and that sort of stuff. pus madeline also got some money from her nana for christmas and she ordered ivy’s chinese dress from american girl for eva grace to wear during chinese new year. yep we got lots of great stuff this year. but here’s the deal. madeline got this….thing that’s supposed to make stuff as long as you give it fabric. like make doll clothes and stuff. it makes weird noises and puts stitches on things and has a pointy needle. am i scared? NO…um, well, STILL it’s pretty freaky.
well anyway what we ARE going to do and not forget is stay up until midnight on New Years Eve and watch the ball drop and be the first to see lanie go online. usually molly and lulu stay up and we go to bed but not this year. madeline is gonna let us try. i don’t know about kit addy felicity eva grace elsie and kathleen but me and josefina have made a vow to stay up with the big kids and even the humans. wont that be the coolest. yep it will.
OH AND PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP send in your holiday photos. madeline sent it out to you guys on this very website not long ago. but she didn’t get ONE reply. i feel bad for her. now that is just pitiful. yep. so please send them in i am counting on you. (“Lulu, how do you make a smile?” “Here, look you press this and this then this.” “Ok, thank you big sister!” *kiss*) 🙂
thank you everybody. i love you all (like friends i mean) and i think you guys are the greatest. madeline thinks so too. she told me. well anyway thank for coming. YOU KNOW YOU WANNA COMMENT!
love love love,
samantha elizabeth parkington