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Merry Christmas-Happy Birthday Jesus! December 25, 2009

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Merry Christmas All!

Hey! Good Morning and Merry Christmas!!!! It’s so great to once again celebrate Jesus’s birthday and all the fun traditions we get to do!!! I hope you all have a safe and blessed Christmas, and that you all get what you wanted! LOL!
I will be posting the Christmas Morning special of my dolls tomorrow around afternoon time, so be sure to stick around! I just can’t do it today because you know-Holiday and Family Time. But if you are waiting, here are the things I got ( at least things that may appear on this website:)
1. A sewing machine! (The one I wanted! Yay!)
2. Books: ‘Elsie’s Christmas Party’ (a Life of Faith DIY book)—-‘Skating Shoes’ by Noel Straitfield—-‘Ballet Shoes’ by Noel Straitfield—-‘Nellie’s Promise’ by Valerie Tripp (AG book)
3. Doll Clothes—Addy’s Christmas Dress—Elsie’s Blue Merino Coat—Plus other OurGeneration clothes from my aunt and friend
4. Doll Furniture–Wikor Chair—Trunk—Dresser—Doll-sized Locker  (from Justice) from my friend Lindsay
5. Mini Nellie American Girl Doll (Ooh, new mini in the house!)
6. A camera
7. The things my dolls got from ‘Santa Claus’ (me, actually!) LOL!

Well, tell me the things you and your doll got for Christmas! It’s not too late to send in pictures!!!

We had lots of fun including our usual Christmas Eve dinner and party at my aunt’s house, went home and had lots of fun, made a b-day cake for Jesus, opened presents and stockings, had friends over, etc!


5 Responses to “Merry Christmas-Happy Birthday Jesus!”

  1. Leanna Says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!I know its kinda late,but its still kinda fun to say!LOL!I didn’t get much from my parents bec.we went to AG Place,
    but I did get stuff from relitaives and friends!
    .a bunch of AG books
    .mini Rebecca
    .a homemade outfit for my dolls(from my friend)
    .a chair for my dolls
    .and a bunch of jewlery!
    Well,thats my list.Thank you Jesus and happy birthday!Merry Christmas!

  2. heres the stuff my doll got 4 Christmas.(i know its months late and she got them a little late in jan)
    1.a warm dress with a matching hat,
    2.a teddy bear tea set,
    3.and a pretty Christmasy dress with a matching jacket.
    she loves the preasents i bought her!!!
    bye maddie!!!

  3. oh yeah and i also forgot 2 say the doll hairbrush.bye!!!

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