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Scoop on 2010 Girl of The Year Doll ‘Lanie Holland’ December 21, 2009

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A few days ago, girls everywhere received an online invitation to Lanie Holland, our brand-new 2010 GOTY. According to this perticular picture, Lanie’s polo shirt seems to be a polo DRESS, a nice, knee-length one. Lanie is also accompanied by a small golden bunny with a leash. Her pet, maybe? It is official that Lanie is a “nature girl” by her invitation.
Looking for a place to go the weekend of January 1? Why don’t you head over to any American Girl Store across the country? But get their FAST…the first 100 girls each will get their own Lanie-inspired goody bag and a chance to win Lanie’s collection.
I wonder if they will have any kind of contest like they did with the previous dolls? For Nicki and Mia, they challenged girls ┬áto share their story to see if they were worthy to be “The Real Girl of The Year” and for Chrissa, girls entered a contest of making their own poster to help stop bullying, the guide line of Chrissa’s story. I was thinking, if they go along with Chrissa, that maybe Lanie’s poster idea will be about caring for the earth, and possibly ‘Going Green’.We’ll have to wait and see for the new fun and surprises Lanie will bring us! It’ll be fun to once again welcome a brand-new character to the world of AG, and American Girl Doll Central at that!