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Christmas Holiday Time and Pictures! December 18, 2009

Filed under: Christmas or other Winter Activities,Contest,Doll Fun,Doll Photography — Madeline@AGDC @ 5:10 PM

Leanna, a big fan of AGDC and former friend, wanted to show her dolls, Ana and Kristy, all ready for the holidays. These girls show their Christmas Spirit posing next to their painted Christmas Tree.

The painted Christmas Tree was made by Leanna’s little brother, a clear artist in this case! 🙂

Great detail work on the star, Leanna’s-little-brother LOL!

Leanna is the first to send in her own Christmas (or other Winter Holiday) pictures. But you can be the next!!!
About: Send in a photo of your dolls in a Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, or other holiday scene. Posing your dolls in snow or outside in cold weather is also acceptable.  It can be your doll decorating the tree, sleeping in pajamas (waiting for Santa), dressed in her holiday attire, or even giving and opening presents. For Hanukkah, let your doll play with her dreidal by the menorah or for New Years, put a popper in her hand and put 2010 glasses on her eyes. Express your doll’s own special traditions. And go crazy with the snow!!! Do anything imaginable.
1. No pictures of humans alone, please! Although, pictures of you AND your doll are fine. (This rule is just for safety.)
2.  Pictures and photos are acceptable all throughout the winter season. No more after January 23, 2010.
3. Please only photos having to do with the activities above. Save other photos for other special times!
4. The minimum of photos is 0. The maximum is 100,000,000. Send how ever many you would like! 🙂

Send to:


6 Responses to “Christmas Holiday Time and Pictures!”

  1. Leanna Says:

    Thanks for posting it!

  2. Alexis Says:

    really cool picture I may not send pics in because my camera is not working

  3. Rachel Says:

    Cute Christmas tree Leanna!

  4. Emily L. Says:

    Madeline, need I say: “YOUR BLOGS ARE THE BEST IN MANKIND!” and we’re twins! Check out your page of Lanie’s full face, and you’ll see I wrote, and I want you to write back! (Not trying to order you around!)

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