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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas-Decorating the Tree November 29, 2009

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It was the exact day after Thankgiving, and Christmas was beginning to sprout. Lulu, Molly, and Kit were the first to notice. First, they had heard on the human’s radio that Christmas music would play on the radio after Thanksgiving. Then, they saw that Madeline’s blog had a new Christmas style. So did her YouTube channel. And now, Madeline had placed a big mystery box by her bed. It was red and green, and the three girls were sure it had to mean it was Christmas again. Lulu, Molly, and Kit sang Christmas songs by the Hang-Out Circle, where the 7 other girls sat and talked. “Sing with us!” Kit said in the middle of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” She pulled Ea Grace’s hand. “It’s Christmas again!”

“What makes you so sure?” A tired Eva Grace said as she lay  in the middle of the circle. “I haven’t seen a trace of green or red around. I mean, besides you three and your crazy costumes.” The dolls surrounding Eva Grace seemed to be on her side. “Besides,” said Addy. “Thanksgiving’ was only yesterday, and I ain’t ready for another holiday so soon!” The other dolls with Eva and Addy buzzed in agreement. Kit knew that her sisters were only tired from yesterday, staying up late and eating pie and all. Kit knew they didn’t truly mean to hurt Kit’s feelings or say what they thought  so harshly. But she felt a boil inside her and felt the determination to prove that the littlest sister, the baby in the house was not always wrong. Kit was determined to get her sisters to think straight, the way things were.

Kit marched over to the box Lulu, Molly, and she had examined earlier.  Kit couldn’t read, she didn’t know how yet. And since Lulu and Molly had never seen one of these, the reading didn’t help them. Molly had just click her fingers saying, “Oh, I seen one of these! The humans use them on Christmas. Uh, I dunno what they are called. Uh…” But now all 10 girls gazed at the box Kit leaned against. “Is it a Christmas present for us, maybe?” Kathleen asked. “I am not trying to sound greedy, but it looks like… WAIT! There is a note for us on it. Read it, Mols.”

Molly looked closely at the note. She read it aloud to the others. “My Girls,” she began. “I have laid out my personal little Christmas tree to you. Decorate it and take care of it. Then,  I am giving you my permission to tour the Christmas spirit through the house! Love, Madeline.” The girls were quick to open up the box. But they were dismayed to find what was inside.

“Aww!” the younger girls sighed. “It’s just a plant!” Kit said. “It looks boring! Let’s  just put it back in the box and tell Madeline we don’t want it.” The girls were disappointed, but most did not want to let go of their special treat, at least, that’s what Madeline thought of it. “Um?” said Felicity. “Check the directions? Maybe you press a button and it dances and sings or something.” Samantha and Josefina were already checking the box. “No directions. Just a bag full of little toys, I think. “Toys?” Kit jumped up. “Maybe that’s what Madeline wanted us to have. Maybe she was just trying to trick us and let us find the surprise for ourselves!” The girls “yayed” in hope. Elsie did not. “Why do you care so much about toys?” she asked. “I mean, they are wonderful and I would love a new doll for Christmas, but is toys what Christmas is about to you girls?”  She looked like she was about to start a story of what Christmas really was about, but she couldn’t get anyone’s attention. Some other dolls agreed with Elsie and spoke harshly to the girls who said they would certainly die if Madeline did not get them the Mini-Rebecca American Girl Doll for Christmas. But Lulu and Molly hushed them. The girls realized they had been out of the whole conversation. “Everybody!” Molly called. “We’ve figured out that this is a Christmas Tree, and what it is for is it is a pretty tree that you decorate with these little toy-like things called ornaments.” Then she nodded to Lulu. “Yeah,” Lulu said. “Then, you plug it in the wall, and the whole thing lights up!” Now the girls got excited that this plant turned out to be no plant after all. At least, not a boring one.

Molly and Lulu laid out the ornaments on the ground in front of the tree. Lulu explained what the plan was. “Ok,” she began. “Everyone gets to pick two ornaments to hang on the tree. Please no shoving or pushing. When it is your turn, you may pick up your two ornaments and hang them wherever you want on the tree.” Molly smiled at the little blonde-haired, freckle-face girl standing beside her. “And we’ve decided that Kit gets to put on the tree-topper, since she is the youngest. Kit grinned and hugged Molly.

Before anyone chose and hung their ornaments, Molly put the lights and wrap-around on the tree. Then she invited everyone to start the fun.

Eva Grace was first. She chose the delightful reindeer Clarice from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Then she hung up a little snowman.

Next, Josefina and Samantha went up together. Josie chose a a little green and red heart with a bell at the bottom, and Samantha chose a red one that was similar. And what other ornament did each girl put on? 😉

Sam and Josefina were fascinated by the fact that Madeline actually had ornaments with theirs and Kirsten’s face on it! Well, not exactly ORNAMENTS, but little magnets that stuck to the pot the Christmas Tree was in. Josefina and Samantha laughed at the little magnets with their faces on it!

Felcity chose a Clifford the Big Red Dog ornament. along with a Rudolph ornament that was supposed to go with the Clarice one Eva Grace chose.

Addy went for the ones that looked homemade. She claimed they reminded her of home. She picked a buttoned mitten and a little heart. As she placed them on the tree, the heartwarming little cloth ornaments made the tree shine even without the lights on.

Elsie picked hers carefully. She picked up a little angel with a pretty face. It reminded her of the First Christmas, a story she hoped she would have time to tell. Elsie also picked a little wooden reindeer, with a red collar and green belt. It was lovely to her.
She got up and put them on the tree.

Next, it was Kathleen’s turn. She picked the two twin baby angels and green mittens.

Lulu, a little more sporty, chose a Carolina Panthers candy cane, and also a little ornament version of the Oak Island Lighthouse.

Kit had proudly chosen hers.  First thing, she had grabbed the tree topper angel, and as her sisters chose their ornaments, she picked out a miniature snow globe. It would look like it was really snowing if you shook the little glass ball!

“Come over here, Margaret Mildred!” Molly said to Kit. Kit smiled. Molly was her very first sister, and the very first doll of all of AGDC. Kit admired Molly even more than she did Lulu or any of her other big sisters. Molly was kind and funny, and went out of her way to protect and entertain Kit and her sisters. Kit had always wanted Madeline to buy a doll her own age, but the only dolls ever welcome were older than Kit. Addy, Josefina, Felicity, Eva Grace, Samantha, Kathleen, and Elsie were 9 or 10 years old, and Lulu was about 12. Molly was 12, too, and Kit loved Molly so much. Kit loved ALL her sisters the same, but Molly was still special. Now, Molly lifted up Kit on her shoulders and the little 8 year old put on the tree topper and everyone cheered.

Now it was time to stare back at the girl’s creation. Fun, colorful ornaments mixed with the warm, heartfelt homemade ones. The girls smiled.

This is what the tree looked like in the back. Marvelous!

Now Folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The tree lit up like a star. Wow, it was incredibly beautiful. 🙂
From the back of the tree, lit up.

Well, thank you for reading! COMMENT AND RATE! To see the video/slideshow version of this photo story, visit my Youtube. — AGmadeline17 —


4 Responses to “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas-Decorating the Tree”

  1. Mackenzie Says:

    This is a good story, but its kinda werd that the girls didnt know what a christmas tree was!

  2. Leanna Says:

    Thats so muh fun!I hope they enjoy it.

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