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Interview with AG Fan Leanna’s Dolls! November 22, 2009

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Hi everyone! Wow, two posts in one day! Anyway, you know Leanna, a very frequent, awesome commenter and fan of AGDC. The other day I got to chat with her two dolls. I thought it would be nice to have an interview with them. Enjoy!

(Ana is on the left with the blonde hair, and Kristy is on the left with brunette hair)

1. AmericanGirlDollCentral: What are your names?
Ana: Ana
Kristy: Kristy

2.AmericanGirlDollCentral: If you could meet a “star” from  AGDC, who would you want to meet?
Ana: I would say Eva Grace . But they’re all super nice, it’s hard to pick
Kristy: Elsie. being the new girl must be tough. But AGDC is a great place! 😉

3. AGDC: What do you wan to be when you grow up?
Ana: A teacher
Kristy: A doctor

4.  AGDC: Tell us something about the each of you.
Ana: I love all kinds of sports. But my favorite are ice-skating and soccer.
Kristy: I’d like to travel all around the world. Maybe someday I CAN….

5. AGDC: If you could have another sister (doll), who would it be? A historical? A Bitty Baby? A Just Like You, maybe?
Ana: Kirsten We almost look alike.
Kristy: Bitty Twins. They look so cute and it would be fun to have little brothers and sisters.

6. AGDC: What would you day if you wanted to introduce yourself to a new girl at doll school?
Ana: Hi, my name is Ana, What’s yours?
Kristy: Hi, I’m Kristy. Do you want to talk?
Both girls said they also would have a big smile on their face.

7. AmericanGirlDollCentral: You’ve just one a dream vacation for dolls to an awesome place. Also, to make matters BETTER, you get to take TWO friends along with you. Where are you going and who’s coming with you?
Ana: I would go to Hawaii and bring Jess(girl of the year 2006) and Kristy, my sister.
Kristy: Hmmm….that’s a hard pick…. I say American Girl place Chicago and I would take Samantha and Nellie (the historical dolls).

8. AGDC: If you could be a human for a day, what would you do and why?
Ana: I would go on a place, because when your 18″ inches high, it’s pretty scary, but if your a human, it’s not so bad. It’s actually pretty fun.
Kristy: I would  go to the park and go on the swings and see how it feels to swing really, really high.

9. AGDC: What next photo story would you want to see posted on American Girl Doll Central?
Ana: Something about Christmas.
Kristy: Anything with lots of pictures and dolls in it!

10. AGDC: What is your most favorite thing in the world?
Ana: My hair scrunchie. It helps me keep my hair out of the way when I’m working.
Kristy: My pet kitten, Smoky, because she cheers me  up when I’m sad.

Well that’s that! Thank you for reading!!! COMMENT AND RATE! 🙂


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