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Elsie’s Biltmore Adventure – Part 1 November 15, 2009

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Hi! I made took these pictures to make a photo story during our fall break in October. One of the main reasons we went there was to see the Biltmore House. But there were also so many other things to do! But anyway, I chose to bring Elsie. I hope you enjoy! Here’s Elsie!

IMG_1858 “Hello! Today is a very special day! I am in Madeline’s car with her and her family. Β And oh, may we be in here for the next few hours! We are going to Asheville, and we are going to the Biltmore! Oh, how wonderful it shall be!

IMG_1860Madeline and her brother and sister brought many things to do for the long ride. Madeline is sharing with me.

IMG_1861 “Look out the window! (Madeline, get your camera!) That’s a mountain! Isn’t it pretty! Surely it means we are close to our destination!
IMG_1864IMG_1869After some hours of driving, Elsie and Madeline and the rest of the family found their spot.

IMG_1870“Ok, here we are at the hotel! Unfortunately, Madeline and her family are going out again to walk around and eat and get dessert and just look around. I’m not allowed to come because I’m a doll and it might be too busy and crazy being 18” and everyone and everything more than twice your size. So I have to stay here. Sigh.

IMG_1871“See the nice view?”

IMG_1873“Ok, I guess it’s time to kick back and relax until Madeline comes back!”

Elsie naps and watches TV a little, then Madeline and her family get back to the hotel….. So later…..

“Can you BELIEVE she forgot to take a picture of me in my PAJAMAS! Β I mean, if your going on a trip she could at least take pictures of me! Well, anyway, I’m a little tired. Since I do I have them on, I am going to try to sleep. After all, tomorrow is the big day!!!”



16 Responses to “Elsie’s Biltmore Adventure – Part 1”

  1. Leanna Says:

    Wow,the mountains look so beatiuful in the photo story.I went
    on a long car trip too when we went to see are grandparents.
    The drive took FOREVER.I hope you have a nice and safe trip.
    Bye Madeline and Elsie!

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Thank you, Leanna! Did you enjoy the trip. There is still so much more to explore as Elsie keeps on going!
      Love, Madeline and Elsie

  2. Mackenzie Says:

    Dearest Fee Fee,
    Hello! i would LOVE to be in your club! It sounds like so much fun! I hope you are not getting too cold, Madeline said you don’t like winter too much!
    PS; Im sure you are a very cute fairy

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      i sorry i not ver y good on the compoter but thanks you. i tink i willll invite you to my club. but dont tell any One. iT a secret!. tHank you winter is fine fore me if i stay in side. i like hot chocklet in stead of snow. what do you like. any way, thank you.
      love, fEefee. heart smiley face heart

  3. Alexis Says:

    Madeline , i uploaded pics of Gabi, please check them out .

    fyi, it is a short photostory thingy!


  4. Alexis Says:

    eva grace is number 30 Here is a link


  5. Alexis Says:

    i got a few pics up!!

  6. Leanna Says:

    Yes I did.I cant wait intil the next adventure.Have a great day!

  7. Emily L. Says:

    How did you take pictures of Elsie when you were out eating and all that stuff Elsie metioned? When will you make the new Elsie’s Baltimore Adventure? (Baltimore is spelled like I said, not Biltmore.)

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Hi Emily!
      Actually, Elsie is NOT going to Baltimore, BUT to Biltmore. Trust me, I know how to spell! πŸ˜‰ ‘Biltmore’ as in Biltomore House, which is where she will be going, LOL! Sometimes we do get things mixed up!

      I just brung my camera in places like the car and resturant and took pictures. When showing the mountains, I took pictures out the window.
      Thanks! Madeline

      • Emily L. Says:

        Oh, thanks! Where is the house? My grandma and my mother were on the boat in Bosten when they visited when my mother was a little girl! The boat is from the Bosten Tea Party. If Madeline, (can I call you Maddie?) replays, she may answer your question if you don’t understand!

  8. Rachel Says:

    Elsie looks cute listening to the i-pod.

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