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Girl of the Year 2010: UPDATED! November 5, 2009

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OK, so we’ve already heard some rumors about the Girl of the Year 2010. But now, we have FACTS!!! And GOOD ones, tooo0o!

1. Her name will be Lanie
2. Her books are written by Jane Kurtz
3. Her look/style of the doll has not been said YET, but there has been quite a rumor she will be the very first African-American GOTY
4. Based on some research, she might very be an adventurous girl who loves nature, possibly.
5. So she will have two books:
“Lanie” by Jane Kurtz
“Lanie’s Real Adventure” by Jane Kurtz

Well, those are your promises and promises and facts and facts. I can’t wait to meet Lanie! How about you?