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The True Friend-Part 2-Violetta Von Quithal October 8, 2009

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Elizabeth Smithans lay down on her bed in her room. She had told her parents about her choice of befriending a poor girl named Millie. Well, for Elizabeth, you couldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Meaning, she had found a friend in Millie, who looked like a nasty,sick farm girl on the outside. And Elizabeth’s family and authority at the mansion she lived in were the first to judge a movie by it’s preview. Meaning, they were not welcoming to Millie and hated the idea of their elegant daughter to be playing with such a slob, as Elizabeth’s parents and Mr. and Mrs. Melee had said. “What have I done?” she questioned tearfully. “I don’t know how I got into this mess. A lie here and trick there doesn’t help like I thought it would. Wrong’s don’t make a right. But I don’t have anyone to call on. I mean…. I just wish there was someone to help me.” Elizabeth felt a sudden spark as she said those last words. “But..there…is!..” the spark said mysteriously. Elizabeth didn’t know what it meant, so she just said to herself she could deal with it later.

Finally Mother came in. “Elizabeth,dear, Today is Wednesday. You’ve been punished since Sunday, and your punishment will last until Saturday. I’ve talked to your father, and you are allowed to have one free day, just today, since your punishment is so long.” She said. Elizabeth rolled over, thinking that maybe, just maybe, this was her chance to make things right. “Really, Mother? Thank you for giving me a chance.” Mother smiled and told Elizabeth, “I’ve got plans for you, my girl. Mrs.Von Quithal has invited you and I to a tea party with her and her daughter Violetta. We will go in a little while, so get yourself ready.” Elizabeth smiled wearly. She was very grateful that her mother made plans just so her daughter could enjoy a day in her punishment, but Violetta was the last person Elizabeth needed to see now. But her mother was so kind to do this all for Elizabeth, so she said “yes.” Of corse the tea party couldn’t last all day, so maybe there was still hope to see Millie.

About 30 minutes later Elizabeth and Mrs.Smithans headed out the door and to the carriage to begin the trip to the Von Quithal Mansion. Like the Smithans, the  Von Quithal family was rich and elegant. They had a big family with lots of children who were kind to the people they met. As said before, the Von Quithals were elegant, pleasing, kind, and generous…. all the them had these characteristics except for.. the 12 year old girl name Violetta. Violetta was spoiled, and very hateful to people when she didn’t get her way. She wasn’t elegant, she always wanted, wanted everything that was new and cool. It seems strange that such a girl was in such a family. Perhaps it was because she was adopted from a home where she was abused and not treated fairly. She was 5 when she was adopted and though she was young, she never forgot the words that had been said to her in the past.

Elizabeth and her mother arrived at the Von Quithals soon after the carriage ride and Elizabeth was greeted with friendly “hi!” and waves from the younger Von Quithals, and Mrs. Quithal soon came over. “Hello! Oh, I’m glad you are here. Violetta, I’m sure, will be happy to see you too. VIOLETTA! COME DOWN HERE!” Down the steps came a girl with who wore a look that said “I really wish I didn’t have to do this!” She grumbled and came over to Elizabeth and Mrs. Smithans. “Say hi, Violet. You remember Elizabeth, don’t you? She’s just a year younger.” Mrs. Von Quithal sad. Violetta turned to Elizabeth and said, “Hey. So whatcha want to do?” Mrs. Von Quithal turned to her daughter. “Violetta, I’ve arranged a tea-party for us four. Go get your dress on and meet us down.  Violetta made a face then said, “Ok. Whatever.”

Everybody met in the tea room, which was already set up for two ladies and their girls. Elizabeth took her seat next to Violetta, and two girls sat across from the women. Evidently, Violetta’s idea of a nice, tea party dress was  different from Elizabeth’s. Violetta wore a thin, blue, sleeveless dress which was short. She had on flip flops and a hat on her head that covered the bow in her hair. In contrast, Elizabeth wore a full, plump tea party dress with petticoats and boots and a big hairbow in her hair, with no hat. Mrs. Von Quithal must have noticed it too, and she sighed at her daughter’s dress choice. And she knew there was no convincing Violetta’s little stubborn mind. Elizabeth wasn’t thinking of dressing nicely or anything, and wasn’t trying to judge Violetta at all when she said, “I like youe dress. It’s.. It’s not something I think I’d wear, but it’s nice.” Violetta looked sharply at Elizabeth. “Look, I know it’s not even full underwear for you and your elegancy, but it’s my style. I’m  SORRY.” After the the tea sandwiches were served, Elizabeth caught that Violetta had been staring— And was that SMILING?–at her!!! “You know…” Violetta said shyly. “ have skateboard girl shoes with wheels at the bottom. Like, a skateboard on your feet. I..I can show you how to do it after this thing if you wanna?” Elizabeth thought about this. This wasn’t something she’d want to do everyday, she was sure she’d fall, but maybe it would be good for their friendship that seemed impossible, and after all, Elizabeth wasn’t sure about how many friends Violetta actually had. Maybe she was secretly exited about Elizabeth coming, but didn’t know when to show it. Maybe the harshness before came from shyness???

“Ok, I’d like that.” Elizabeth said. So after the party, Violetta took her out to the driveway of the mansion and put on the shoes. Then she showed Elizabeth some tricks she had learned. Soon, though, she gave the wheeled shoes to her. “Here, I can show you,” she said to her new friend. Violetta pushed Elizabeth onto the pavement and showed her how to stand and skate. Elizabeth soon got the hang of it, and the two girls took turns until Violetta brought up something serious. “Elizabeth,” she began. “I’m… I’m sorry for the way I’ve acted. I’ve been rude and spoiled. I was secretly looking forward to your coming, but I take almost every thing as an insult. When you said you liked my, dress, I was sure it was an insult. But you’re ok. I like that we can be friends.” Elizabeth was right! She but her lip and smiled at the girl. But the setting sun instantly reminded her of Millie. Oh, Millie!



5 Responses to “The True Friend-Part 2-Violetta Von Quithal”

  1. Leanna Says:

    You did a great job with it!I can’t wait to see what happens next.I just hope Elizabeth doesn’t get hurt(too much,:))! I mean
    if there is going to be a part three.

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Thank you! Trust me, there will be a part 3. I guess like 5 parts to this story tthen maybe in the future another about Millie and Elizabeth. Thank you for reading them! 🙂

  2. Leanna Says:

    Wow,thats going to be alot of typing.

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Yes it is, but you gotta know I love it!!! I have to stop myself from writing too much! I have to give you guys a break! Writing is one of my favorite things!

  3. Leanna Says:

    Haha!:)I love to write too.

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