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Felicity is sick! September 25, 2009

Filed under: Doll Health,Felicity,Kathleen — Madeline@AGDC @ 8:19 PM

IMG_0857“WAKE UP, LISSIE! TIME FOR SCHOOL!” Felicity awoke, but her eyes were still sleeping. It seemed like a struggle to get them to open. When they finally split, Felicity suddenly felt a chill and her head felt heavy. Her legs felt stiff. She groaned a little. “MoM…uH, cAn YoU uH, ooh..”¬†

IMG_0859Mrs.Merriman came over to feel her daughter’s face. “Lissie, how do you feel?” Felicity ¬†felt hot, then cold, and hot, then cold again when her mothers hand touched her face. “Awful, Mom, but please! I need to go to school! Today is the day that one project is due, the one I have been working on ALL WEEKEND! I want to see my friends. I’ll…I’ll.. be fine…” But Felicity knew she was indeed NOT fine. The chills that once freezed her core were now a threatening burn. She felt week.

IMG_0861“No, Lissie. You feel hot, and I am not sending you to school.” Mrs.Merriman WAS going to take her child somewhere though. She wrapped a pink robe around Felicity and they drove to the doctor’s office. Dr.Montoyez checked Felicity then told the news. “Merrimans, Felicity has The Flu. I suspect that the flu germs got to her during school hours. I will contact the principal telling her about Felicity’s illness, and I will instruct her to tell the teachers to clean school items like computers, desks, chairs, and others. I will also put a bottle of hand sanitizer in the room so none other children will be infected.” Dr.Montoyez gave Mrs.Meriman simple ¬†instructions to care for Felicity, and they left.

IMG_0868Mrs.Merriman set up Felicity’s room with proper supplies. A bell to ring if Felicity needed help, a wheelchair since Felicity’s legs were weak, a robe for Felicity to wear if she got cold, magazines for Felicity to read, and hand sanitizer to keep clean.

Felicity needs your help to get better. It will encourage her body to do that if you send her a “Get Well Soon” note. The notes will be presented by Felicity soon.