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Interview with an American Girl Doll Fan September 20, 2009

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IMG_1396I had an interview with a neighbor, Abbey. I asked some questions and here’s what she said:
Name: Abbey
Age: 5
AG dolls: A Just-Like-You doll named Julie
Food: Oranges (and of course all little kids love candy! 🙂 )
Color: Pink or Purple
Animal: Tiger or Lion (previously said dinosaur)
TV show: Hannah Montana
American Girl doll: “I really like the girl Julie and the ice-skating girl” (Mia)
AmericanGirlDollCentral: “If you were to write a book, what would it be about?”
Abbey: “About animals”

AGDC : “Talk about yourself. What do you like to do?”
Abbey: “I like to ride a bike. I mostly like basket ball and soccer, those are my favorite sports. And also play with friends” (And says, “Madeline, you are a good friend. And I said “Thank you. You are too!”)

AGDC: “Think about all the cool (not scary) things you have been for halloween. Which costume was your favorite?”
Abbey: “I haven’t been her yet but I want to be Ariel next year.” ( The little mermaid)

AGDC:”What is your favorite hair style to put your hair in, and what is your favorite book?”
Abbey:” I like this hair style (She points to her hair and I said, “That is a half ponytail”) and I like the book Amelia Bedilia.”

AGDC: “Abbey, you already have a dog.What animal would you have if you could have another pet?”
Abbey: “A fish. Thanks for the interview! Bye!”


Kathleen at the Fields

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IMG_1368“Hi, Guys! It’s me, Kathleen. Today is a super-special cherry-on-top day! Madeline’s little brother Nick recently started Flag Football, and now we are going to one of the games! So fun, huh? I even might meet someone new!”

IMG_1369“Well, here we are! This is just a part of a giant field that is broken up into little ones. Well at least it’s GIANT to a little doll like me. Let’s see, they are doing practice right now so….”

IMG_1370“I’ll just play with this word search until a real game starts. OOH, FOUND A WORD!” 

IMG_1383“OOH, A REAL GAME IS STARTING! Hey guys,I am not the best at football but I could sure roll this soccerball out and we’ll play!”

Kathleen had so much fun. YES, we DID meet another girl who had Gwen the American Girl doll. I said “Hi!” to them but I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of Gwen and Kathleen “playing” together. Me and my mom also later in the day went to the christian bookstore to go to the Life Of Faith doll section. I got the first two Elsie Dinsmore books, and got an outfit that was apparently undergarmets but it look like an easter dress. It also came with pants so you could put the  pants on instead of the skirt and make them into pajamas!

IMG_1391“OOH, LOOK AT THE CLOCK! It’s time for bed. Let me change into my new pajamas.”

IMG_1395“Dear God, Thank you for this day. Thank you for everything you’ve given us, Lord. Please help everybody around the world. Please forgive me for my sins. Thank you. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!”