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What’s Happening This Week: By Molly McIntire and Eva Grace Ward September 13, 2009

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Eva Grace: “are we on?” Oh, Yes. Hello American Girl Doll Central viewers, we are back with “This Week In Happenings” and today is a very special episode because…..

Molly: Because we are giving out an award! This award goes to…. LEANNA! 

Eva:  Yea, Leanna! So far, YOU HAVE POSTED THE MOST COMMENTS OF ANY VIEWER OF THIS SITE! (besides americangirldcentral, you know her as Madeline) 

Molly: Therefore, Leanna gets a special shoutout from Madeline and gets to choose what a future photo story will be about! You may write it too, Leanna, if you want and Madeline will post it and provide the pictures if you don’t. Just send it to the e-mail here:   Or comment!

Eva Grace: In other news… Samantha’s party got forgotten and didn’t get to be the day it said. But Don’t worry! To fix that, Samantha’s party will last all this week and  even maybe the beginning of next week! A new post each day concerning an event in her party! Starts today or tomorrow!

Molly: We want everybody to come, but it’s too late to request a place in the party now, just read and look and maybe even watch!

Eva: OH, and Madeline will be picking names out of a hat today for the Felicity book contest! She will anounce the winner tomorrow. There are 15 girls entering! Who will win?

Molly: We’ll get back to you on other news later this week, but for now… I’M MOLLY MCINTIRE…
Eva: And I’M Eva Grace Ward! Signing off!