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Samantha’s Birthday Party Details and Updates September 5, 2009

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As most of you know, Samantha’s party is coming up, on September 12. Well, I figured out that I have another birthday party to go to that night, so it is going to have to be re-sceduled. Samantha’s party will be FRIDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 11. Just about a week till it’s time to party. It’s a virtual party, so for more information look under the categories on this website and find SAMANTHA or BIRTHDAY

So far, this is the list of people who are coming :
Pioneer (pioneerfan04)
Someoy (Someone) 

Some possible people:

Who’s Invited? ALL OF YOU! If you want to come, just comment here. Remember, bring a present for the birthday girl! To find out how to do that, Go to the SAMANTHA or BIRTHDAY  categories and find BIRTHDAY UPDATES with the picture of Samantha, read it, and come back here.

Please come and tell your friends! Thanks! 🙂