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What’s Happening This Week. By: Felicity and Addy August 11, 2009

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                              Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hey, Guys! It’s us, Addy and Felicity. As you may have noticed, we are the only ones here who haven’t got to write or be in a post, so Madeline said today it was OK to.

Felicity: Addy, should we sing the Happy Birthday song to a very special birthday girl this week!
Addy: Of course!!! C’mon, let’s

Together: Happy, Happpppy Birthdayyy, to our sisterrr Sam! Everybodddy CLAP! CLAP! Everybody CHEER!  Everybodddy STOMP STOMP! Samantha’s birthday, SAMANTHA’S BIRTHDAY!!!

Addy: Yes, this week, our sister Samantha Elizabeth Parkington, is having a birthday party, and you are all invited!!! We will post later on what the date will be, and come by to this virtual birthday party!
Felicity: SHHH, Nobody say anything to anyone, keep this a secret, BUT WE KNOW WHAT SAMANTHA’S PRESENTS WILL BE!
Addy: Yes, Madeline actually ordered her stuff of the American Girl website for Samanthie’s birthday!
Felicity: Yeah, HEELYS SHOES and the JULIE AMERICAN GIRL DOLL. You would know her Julie as “Mini Julie”

Addy: OK, everyone, time to get back to the news. Mia Slusarski, Kit Maria’s sister, should be our next TRAVELING DOLL! She should arrive here just in time for Samantha’s party!

Felicity: Yes, that’s right, and also, Sophie Reynolds, Madeline’s cousin-friend, will be coming over this week, as well! She has  American Girl Dolls, too, who are our cousins. Maybe they can stay a while, too!!!!

Addy: Is anything else going on this week?…. Let me check…. OH! Yes! Madeline still has another last week of summer, but school starts for us! One of our girls will be posting about the first day of school, later on this week.

Together: That’s the news this week! Bye! See ya later!!!


9 Responses to “What’s Happening This Week. By: Felicity and Addy”

  1. pioneerfan04 Says:

    Yay!! I can’t wait to come to the virtual party! Thanks!

    ~pioneerfan04 and my dolls

  2. Lena Says:

    My Sam would be delighted to come!

  3. Cara Says:

    Happy Birthday Sam!!!

  4. Apple Store Says:

    Hello! Cool BLOG!

  5. abby bohn Says:

    thats an awesome website. are those animals webkinz. if they are if you win do you get to play with them on line?

    • americangirldcentral Says:

      Hi Abby thanks! Well, you win a random stuffed animal. It might be a webkinz and it might be another kind. If it is a webkinz, I doesn’t come with the code but I might give you the password so you can still play with it online. I am going to enter you in the contest.

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