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Traveling Maria Kit-Day 1 August 3, 2009

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I opened up a vacation spa for my friends dolls a few weeks back, and my friends dolls now can come and spend a weekend at my home with my dolls and have adventures. When I opened it, my first visitor was my friend Meghan’s Kit. I call her Maria Kit since I already have a Kit. Please enjoy this post about Maria Kit’s first day!!! 🙂
Ah! Morning already? I have been traveling  all night! Now I can’t wait to meet all my new friends!
(I am the Kit in the green dress). Wait here’s someone. “My name is Kit Kittredge.” she says. “My name is Kit, too.” I said. “But Maria is my middle name, you may call me that.” I said.
“Come meet all the girls!” Kit says. So I meet Molly, Addy,Josefina,Felicity,Samantha,Lulu, and Eva Grace.
“We knew you were coming”, says Samantha. “So we got you a gift!”
“A pink sweatshirt! Thanks, guys!” I say. Then I give Sam a big hug. I think I will like it here.
Tune In next time when I share my adventures! Love, Kit Maria


2 Responses to “Traveling Maria Kit-Day 1”

  1. Amanda S. Says:

    Oh my gosh where did you get the pink jacket? It’s SO adorable!

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