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Meet my Dolls! July 30, 2009

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Here at AGDC, you will be seeing A LOT of my dolls. So you should meet my American Girls! One of them is really a different doll, but she is still in our family! This shows the order when I got them. I also gave each of them a middle name. Some of them already had one. And, their nickname. Enjoy!
Molly Marie McIntire
You may call me: Molly
Margaret Mildred Kittredge
You may call me: Kit
Addy  Alliea Walker
You may call me: Addy
Maria Josefina Montoya
You may call her: Josefina or Josie
Felicity Lee Merriman
 You may call her: Felicity or Lissie
 Eva Grace Ward
You may call her: Eva Grace (or, sometimes just Eva )
Lulu Rehema Kibwana (Karito Kids Doll)
You may call her: Lulu


Welcome to AGDC!

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Hello everyone! I hope you all like my new website, American Girl Doll Central. It is all about fun, cool stuff that American Girl fans and their dolls do! I will be posting new posts as much as possible, stay tuned!